DROPLET – The 2021 Vision

2020 is coming to an end and it is time to look forward and get ready for 2021. At DROPLET, we believe that it will be another amazing time for our company and more importantly for our DROPLET owners, renters and partners. We hope you will have a year as successful as you wish and we can all enjoy camping trips in the best way possible – with DROPLET tiny campers. Our vision for 2021 includes a new model of our teardrop trailer, greater accessory options, more rental locations, and opening our first DROPLET campground.

New Teardrop Trailer Model

The biggest piece of news for the next year; we are introducing a new model! DROPLET has been built in one size since the beginning but now it is time to offer another, more spacious, version of our lightweight camper. The new 2021 model will be the same width of 5 feet but the length will increase from 8 feet to 9.5 feet. What are we going to do with the extra space? Give you more storage space, extend the sleeping area and build a deeper kitchen area. Plus there will be space for a piece of equipment everyone has been asking about. Read more about that below.

The standard model will still be available for purchase and rental. We are planning to launch the new version in Q2, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on social media to have the latest information.

More Accessories

The major difference between the current model and the new 2021 additional model will be an increase in length. The additional 1.5 feet will give us enough space to install an AC unit into the camper! We have been getting a lot of requests for this option and it is very exciting that the air conditioning add-on will be available with the purchase of the new 2021 model!

Another way we are taking the performance of our trailers to the next level will be with a large battery with a higher capacity. That means a longer duration of battery life during your off-grid adventures.

To make towing our trailer even easier and more user-friendly, we are also planning on adding a rearview camera to our shop.

The new add-on will be available for purchase for new and existing DROPLET owners.

New Rental Locations

We are constantly working on providing you with the best service possible. For now, DROPLET trailers can be rented in Vancouver, BC, and Seattle, WA. Our goal is to build a network of owners who rent their campers out to others and spread their love for camping and DROPLET. The extra income from renting your trailer is a great perk of ownership, just like the referral bonus you will receive when your renters decide to place an order for a DROPLET of their own.

In addition to Vancouver and Seattle, we have confirmed a new location for summer 2021 in London, ON! It will be operated by a new owner of Rental Trailer #2. The date of the transfer to Ontario is still being discussed but we will keep you posted through our newsletter and social media when to expect our first rental location in Eastern Canada.

Multiple new locations in the US are in the negotiation phase and we are very optimistic about offering other rentals on the West Coast and at least one more in the East Coast states. Stay tuned for all the updates.

First DROPLET Free Campground

The idea of creating a network of campsites available for DROPLET owners and renters has been in play since our company started and we are so excited that it is now it is becoming a reality with the first-ever DROPLET Campground. We have partnered up with the owner of a property in Princeton, BC to open a site where our customers can stay for as long as they want…FOR FREE.

The initiative is still in the beginning phase but plans for its future are huge. We have a vision of building enough campsites that would allow you to travel from the West Coast to the East Coast staying exclusively at DROPLET campgrounds. If all goes to plan,  future sites will be available for our owners and renters at no cost.

The opening of our Princeton, BC, site is scheduled for the beginning of the 2021 camping season. Feel free to reach out to us via live chat or the contact form for more details. We will make sure all the information is available here on the website and our social media.



Thank you for your support throughout the strange events of 2020 and we wish you all the best for 2021 in your personal, professional, and especially camping lives. Stay with us and see what DROPLET can achieve in the next twelve months.

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  1. Just learned about the Droplet and after looking through your website, I’m excited to learn more. I tried signing up for your newsletter, but (sad trombone), I got a 404 after submission. Please add me. I’d love to rent one first, but the new 2021 additions sound great! I don’t think I’d need AC, but love the solar and lengthening. How much weight does the extra 1.5 feet add? Please add me to your newsletter

    • Hi Chris,

      thank you for reaching out and letting us know about the newsletter sign up issue, I will look into that. I went ahead and signed you up manually.

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