7 Reasons to Buy the New DROPLET XL Teardrop Travel Trailer

You already know that DROPLET trailers are designed and built to be the most reliable, ergonomic teardrop camper – perfect for the weekend warrior or adventurer. But did you know they just launched their new lightweight teardrop trailer, the DROPLET XL?

DROPLET XL teardrop camper comes with a bigger fridge and additional shelves.

DROPLET Introduces New Lightweight Teardrop Trailer

This new (and improved) teardrop travel trailer has some great features, which can make it your best travel companion. Just pack your bags, get RV awning lights for enhanced safety, and hit the road. That’s all you need! Know that this trailer will never disappoint you.

Anyway, while the original model is still amazing, there are seven real reasons why you should consider getting the DROPLET XL as your new towable camping abode. Some of them are listed below.

Let’s get into what sets this new lightweight trailer apart from the rest!

1. More storage capacity

While the DROPLET XL teardrop trailer is definitely suited for the weekend RVer, a little extra storage never hurts.

The new XL model is 1.5 feet longer than the DROPLET 58 and comes in at a total length of 9.5 feet (without a hitch). The extended length offers more storage capacity between the sleeping area and kitchen.

In addition, there is more shelving in the galley kitchen. This extra space is perfect for storing your camping cooking essentials or extras on extended trips. Use the space for your camping stove fuel tanks, pots and pans, crockery, and whatever else are your camping essentials.

Finally, the extra-long trailer has room for a must-have add-on: a supersized Dometic RV refrigerator!

2. Spacious sleeping area

If you have done any RVing in the past, you are probably familiar with cramped or awkwardly sized sleeping arrangements. DROPLET has designed its teardrop trailers with comfort in mind.

Both the XL and 58 come standard with a queen-size mattress. After a day’s worth of adventuring, return to your basecamp and settle into your full-size sleeping area. Not only is the sleeping area spacious, but these teardrop trailers are suitable for tall people. The CEO is 6’4″ and fits comfortably in these campers.

The bed area is perfect for spreading out, and your view doesn’t end! With the huge windows and fully openable skylight, the sleeping area of the DROPLET XL (and the 58) will feel and look massive.

Spacious sleeping area in the micro camper by DROPLET Trailers

3. Off-road tires

For the adventurer who enjoys taking off down the road less travelled, we have an add-on. Now they can increase 12-inch standard tires to 13″ wheels

While this seems like a small, insignificant difference, those 13-inch tires are going to give you that added lift you need for driving down logging roads or in mountainous terrain.

The added oomph of the tires also increases your headspace clearance under the covered galley kitchen at the rear of the camper.

4. These teardrop trailers are lightweight

The founders of DROPLET really thought of everything. DROPLET teardrop campers are lightweight! This means that you can tow your new camper behind your standard SUV or even a car!

Yes, the DROPLET travel campers can be towed by a car.

The new DROPLET XL weighs in at 1,050 pounds. Now, you might not be able to tow it behind your Nissan Leaf, but a Volkswagen Golf is going to have no issue. That being said, the original 58 teardrop weighs in at 950 pounds so that you can tow it with almost anything – even your electric vehicle.

This is a really cool feature that opens up the RV market to city-dwellers or people who don’t have a massive truck for towing. Instead of upgrading your tow vehicle and getting a new RV, you can use the vehicle you have and save yourself the headache.

Discover all the trailer specifications here.

Lightweight teardrop trailer can be towed by a car or SUV.

5. RV art from the DROPLET Design Initiative

Sorry, not sorry – but some RV decals can be plain ugly. DROPLET trailers not only created super functional campers, but they also created beautiful ones.

When you get your new DROPLET XL teardrop camper, you can customize the exterior with a number of stunning art pieces from the DROPLET Design Initiative. The unique RV art offered can create a personalized camper that matches your style. The profit from this initiative goes to the artists – so you can feel good about supporting them.

Plus, you will definitely have the best-looking camper in the woods. Moreover, you can spruce up the interior decor to suit your tastes. You can get a range of varied removable wallpaper to easily stick them on the walls. It can enhance the interior to make it bright and quirky if that is your style.

6. Free camping

Wait, what? Free camping?

Yeah, when you buy a DROPLET XL or 58 trailers, you get access to a network of campsites across North America. Eventually, you will be able to travel and camp across the entire continent and stay for free at the DROPLET community campgrounds.

7. High-quality build for a worry-free experience

Unfortunately, the RV industry has a bad rap in terms of quality. DROPLET is here to change that, though!

The DROPLET teardrop travel trailers are built with only the finest materials. The pod structure is built of a well-insulating blend of high-tech laminate materials that are built to last.

DROPLET XL is the newest additional to the DROPLET Trailer fleet

Instead of using screws like other RV manufacturers, DROPLET uses high-strength structural adhesives.

Benefits of the DROPLET building technique:

  • Loads are spread over a wider surface area
  • Vibration is absorbed
  • Structural fatigue is reduced
  • Material expansion is compensated for

Pascal Pillon, the CEO, put over 20 years of engineering knowledge behind these lightweight teardrops. Inspired by tried and true techniques, the DROPLET XL and 58 are built using boat and aircraft building methods.

Finally, these campers aren’t just thrown together. Instead, they are built with care in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Inspired by nature and Patagonia, DROPLET has designed a product that is built to last. They also prioritize using renewable materials in the process. So when you get your DROPLET XL, you can feel really good about your RV choice.

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  1. How much does the Droplet 58 and XL cost in US $? How long of construction time and can you add customer specific features? Do you have dealers in the Pacific Northwest? Do you have used models for sale?

    • Hi Jeff,
      You can find all that information on our website in the SHOP section.
      We are located in Vancouver and can deliver worldwide. The Pacific Northwest is our backyard!
      We offer free listing of used DROPLET on our marketplace page.
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