A Message from DROPLET’s CEO

[Words from Pascal, CEO of Droplet] With the fast-approaching release of the first DROPLET camping trailers, I am overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of growing the DROPLET community. I can’t wait for the first supporters of DROPLET to be camping in their very own teardrop camping trailers this upcoming camping season.

Being a dreamer at heart, I am already thinking of the future and what it has to hold. One of my biggest dreams is to have a connected network of free campsites in the U.S.A and Canada for DROPLET owners and renters. When I first started dreaming about this company, I knew exactly what type of spirit I wanted for DROPLET. Being an environmentally-conscious minimalist, I wanted DROPLET to embrace share-culture and inclusivity. I want everyone to have the opportunity to get out and enjoy nature, no matter what limitations they might think they have. That’s what I love about share-culture; we can expand resources across our community, and ultimately create a more engaged and connected society. The DROPLET team is working to create a rental portal on the DROPLET website for all of the owners of DROPLETs to rent out their teardrop camping trailers to others in their community. 

When I imagine you, the first owner of the DROPLET camping trailer, I imagine a person much like myself, a true camping fanatic. I really want you to use this teardrop camping trailer to explore and engage with the natural world. I know that you live a busy life, but I hope that you really make an effort to carve out the time to go camping and relax frequently.


Having spoken to so many DROPLET camping trailer supporters, I greatly appreciate the shared concern for the environment. I am glad to know that many of you consider yourself personally responsible for the health of our world. When the DROPLET team was designing this product, we considered the environmental impact the entire way through. Every aspect of the DROPLET teardrop camping trailer is influenced by my consciousness of the environment. For example, the silhouette of this trailer allows me to curb waste during the construction process and the lightweight material that composes this trailer makes it easier on your fuel tank.

The DROPLET team rented out the prototype of the DROPLET trailer for one year, this was an amazing opportunity for us to gain insight into the user experience. With this information, the DROPLET team was able to refine the product more. It is with great passion that we have brought this teardrop camping trailer forth. We want to thank all of you for your support over the years that we have been developing the DROPLET.  The DROPLET team is proud to be offering this teardrop camping trailer to you now, it has truly been a labor of love.