Buy it, Rent it, Share it

When we first created DROPLET, the goal wasn’t limited to designing a great camper trailer for ourselves. We wanted to build a sense of community and connection around it. That’s why we put ours to rent on various public web platforms last summer. The pilot program was so successful that we decided to grow our DROPLET rental fleet for 2018, out of our headquarter in Vancouver BC. DROPLET is so easy to tow, and it adapts to just almost any vehicle equipped with a 2″ hitch. Almost anyone with a bit of training can do it. That’s why we are creating a rental platform for owners and renters to connect. We want our growing community to have the opportunity to use DROPLET  in various areas of the world and explore their wonders safely.

This platform will be a great opportunity for DROPLET owners to get a return on their investment. We believe in keeping DROPLET in motion rather than in a storage locker. It’s a great way to reintroduce your friends and family to a simpler way of life. This teardrop camping trailer is designed to become your favorite adventure base on the road, so take it, explore, play, and explore some more! 

DROPLET is based out of Vancouver, BC, a vibrant city that roots a strong share-culture and a passion for all things outdoors. If you live nearby or plan on traveling within BC and beyond, consider renting a DROPLET directly from us!

Feel free to share your camping plans this season in the comment section below!

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