Can a DROPLET Teardrop Trailer Be Towed by an Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles were once considered a futuristic idea with the right sentiment but had too many problems to be considered a functional solution. But companies like Tesla and Rivian have been working tirelessly to overcome these issues. As a result, more electric cars are making their way to the streets than ever before.

These days, there are more battery charging points than ever, the vehicles can travel much farther, and many come with pulling power. Considering that DROPLET Trailers are some of the lightest campers on the market, it’s no surprise that they make the perfect complement to an electric towing vehicle. Plus, we know that our customers cherish nature and are always looking to do their part in protecting it. So, if you’re looking for something electric, pull your teardrop camper, and keep reading!

Can a DROPLET Teardrop Trailer Be Towed by an Electric Vehicle?

Yes! Your teardrop trailer can be owned by an electric vehicle!

Many electric vehicle models for sale today have towing capabilities far beyond what is necessary to tow a teardrop trailer. Some can pull up to 11,000 pounds with the correct towing package!

DROPLET campers weigh an average of 1,000 pounds – even the DROPLET XL, which means you will have plenty of options when shopping for a car that is as good for you as it is for the environment. 

When shopping for an electric car that you want to use to tow your recreational vehicle, you’ll want to look at more than just the towing capability.

  • Make sure you consider whether the car comes ready to tow or will need to add a towing package.
  • Consider the car’s range and how that range may be affected by pulling a camper.

Why You Should Choose Electric

An electric car being charged.
Electric cars not only protect our planet but also offer other benefits to consumers.

You’ve probably heard that electric cars are much better for our planet. As they run entirely on electric power, these vehicles don’t emit gasses that pollute our air and damage the ozone. For fans of camping and the great outdoors, it’s essential to help protect the planet, and these cars do just that! They are also considered more energy efficient overall, converting more of the fuel source into actual energy to push the vehicle forward.

As if saving the planet isn’t reason enough to run out and buy yourself an electric car, there are even more perks that come along with it.

  1. EVs tend to hold their value better with higher resale prices.
  2. They’re so quiet that you won’t be disturbing the environment or other campers when heading towards your camping spot.
  3. They tend to come with some of the best technology and are totally digitally connected as they’re usually newer models. 

Downsides of Electric Vehicles to Consider

An electric charging station in an exotic location.
Charging stations can sometimes be difficult to find.

Every coin has two sides, so we will touch on some of the disadvantages of electric cars – although we think the advantages outweigh them!

More expensive upfront

For starters, EVs are usually more expensive than their gas-powered counterparts. However, remember that this can be offset over time with savings, credits, and incentives. Batteries, other parts, and repairs can also be more expensive with electric cars.

Require planning for long road trips

Electric vehicles also require a bit more planning when it comes to driving. They typically have a shorter driving range on a charge than a gas-powered car does with one gas tank.

Plus, it takes longer to recharge the battery than to refill a car. Depending on where you’re driving, it may be challenging to find a charging station.

Decreased driving range while towing an RV

One other thing you’ll want to consider when looking at electric vehicles to tow your teardrop trailer is that the average range can be significantly shorter when you’re pulling substantial weight.

For example, Rivian says that towing 11,000 pounds will shorten the range by about 50 percent. Of course, this difference should be much smaller when towing only 1,000 pounds, but it is important to consider and will vary by model. 

Electric Vehicles That Can Tow Your DROPLET Trailer

With the new market of EVs, here are some great options with the capabilities to tow your DROPLET trailer.

A Tesla charging at a Tesla charging point.
Teslas are one of the most well-known electric vehicle brands, but there are many companies producing electric vehicles with towing capabilities now.

Tesla Model X

Towing Capacity: 5000 pounds

Average Range: 348 miles

On top of the standard trailer hitch and towing capabilities, the Tesla Model X can seat up to seven people and has 91 cubic feet of storage capacity. It even comes with wireless gaming to keep you entertained on any rainy days during your camping trip.

GMC Hummer EV Truck or SUV

Towing Capacity: 7500 pounds

Average Range: 350 miles (pickup); 300 miles (SUV)

If you like to unhook the trailer and go off-roading, the Hummer has Extract Mode to raise the suspension, Crabwalk to rotate rear wheels and drive diagonally, and epic ground clearance with 35-inch tires.

Ford F150 Lightning

Towing Capacity: 5000 pounds

Average Range: 230 miles

There is an option for everybody with multiple 4 x 4 models to choose from. Each model comes with trailer sway control and the option to add on an integrated trailer brake controller. Ford also offers North America’s largest public charging network.

Rivian R1T and R1S

Towing Capacity: 1100 pounds (R1T); 7700 pounds (R1S)

Average Range: 260-400+ miles depending on the battery pack

Explicitly designed to be the world’s first electric adventure vehicle, these vehicles can handle extreme temperatures and tough terrain. There is tons of storage for all of your adventure gear and an ever-growing fast-charging network.

Volvo XC40 Recharge

Towing Capacity: 3300 pounds

Average Range: 223 miles

Not only is the Volvo XC40 electric, but they even further reduce the environmental impact by constructing it of sustainable materials like recycled plastic. There are up to 46 cubic feet of storage to carry all your camping equipment as well.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Towing Capacity: 1650 pounds

Average Range: 303 miles

For an electric vehicle with an aesthetic set for the future, check out Hyundai’s SUV: the Ioniq 5. The Ioniq can tow up to 1650 pounds, making it the perfect vehicle to pair with your DROPLET trailer. It is one of the fastest charging vehicles, with the ability to go from 10 to 80 percent with just 18 minutes of 800V charging. It even regenerates electricity through the rotations of the wheels when braking.

Plenty of EV Options to Tow Your DROPLET Trailer

On top of these top electric car choices with towing capabilities, there are hybrid options on the market that might work for you. While there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to consider when purchasing an electric vehicle, you won’t have to exclude the idea anymore due to a lack of towing capability.

The combination of an electric car and a DROPLET trailer couldn’t be more perfect for nature lovers who want to enjoy the outdoors while protecting the environment.

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  1. Nice write up. We just got a Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid and I’ve had a hitch installed. The PHEV is rated at 1000 lbs / 450 kg so I’m looking forward to camping next year with our 2018 Droplet here in Québec and beyond in eastern Canada. Having electric power + a gas engine will make it much easier until the EV infrastructure expands. Salut et merci Pascal!

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