How it’s Made – The DROPLET

The first DROPLET was constructed in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. The founder of the company, Pascal, and his partner Diane worked tirelessly on their weekends to bring the vision of the perfect teardrop camping trailer to life. Pascal and Diane are proud to say that the DROPLET will continue to be made in Canada. We … Read more

Buy it, Rent it, Share it

When we first created DROPLET, the goal wasn’t limited to designing a great camper trailer for ourselves. We wanted to build a sense of community and connection around it. That’s why we put ours to rent on various public web platforms last summer. The pilot program was so successful that we decided to grow our … Read more

Certified Top of the Line

CERTIFIED TOP OF THE LINE Droplet is officially certified by the CMVSS as of December 2017. * CSA Z240 RV Series “Recreational Vehicles” * Transport Canada NSM certificate * International VIN If your state, province, insurance company requires a different certification, please let us know!