DROPLET – Why So Simple?

When looking at the DROPLET, it appears obvious that we did not choose to build an extra-large trailer, full of the latest toys and gadgets. We kept it simple. Why so simple you may ask?
Well, ask anyone who works in engineering, design, music, or architecture and they will tell you that there is nothing simple about designing a simple item.

Despite its simplicity, very few lines are straight on the DROPLET. All converge in the front where the giant bubble window gives ample views to the outside.

At the core of our philosophy, we wanted to keep the DROPLET pure. From all of its aesthetic design lines, the apparent wood design, to the incorporation of a powder-coated chassis, we build with high-tech materials in order to be light, comfy, and reliable, but we do not want to steer too far away from the camping experience itself by adding too many gadgets on-board. Onboard, you will find LED lighting, hangers, a giant roof vent for ventilation, shelving, power to plug in your devices, and door magazine holders.

We generally like to keep our electronics tucked away when we camp, but DROPLET can also be used as a remote office on the road.

We will, of course, always encourage our users to put their own twist on a camping experience, but we prefer not to influence it too much. Freedom exists in the eyes of the beholder, and our trailer is only a comfortable and classy segway to your next best adventure.
We chose to equip the inside with useful shelvings, slow drop-down hangers to stay convenient and facilitate organization, but the core essence behind this trailer was not to be capable of hosting the full family and all households belongings inside. The Scandinavian design and apparent wood shine this much more from not being cluttered.

Bright, Spacious, Compact, Light & Aerodynamic. These were the original concepts behind the initial ideology of DROPLET.


Travel light & Travel happy.