Elon Musk teams up with Startup Droplet to create first Free Campsites on Mars

[April 1st, 2018: Breaking News]

As part of our commitment to providing FREE campgrounds to our Droplet owners and renters, We have decided to partner up with Elon Musk, the genius founder of Tesla and SpaceX, to build and provide the first-ever array of campsites on Mars. “It was an obvious choice to get involved with this” explains Elon. “This is a one-of-a-kind project. Facilities will be top-of-the-line, the atmosphere out there is really eerie, and the locals are super friendly.” – Reassures Elon.

Mars, the Red Planet, is soon to see its first campers arrive in 2019. Image source: NASA

The project doesn’t come without risks.

“To really make this possible, we had to create an ultra-lightweight and robust Teardrop camper with a magnetic hitch. This reduced the snaking effect at hyperspace speed and made our system more robust. Magically, our first prototype, conceived by Pascal Pillon, was robust enough to withstand the hazards of traveling in orbital space.”

Beautiful, Eerie landscape. A one of a kind camper experience. Image Source: Tomasphere

Elon Musk, who first became wary of the hazards related to space travels by reading bestseller ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams), explains further: “Initially, the energy created by passing asteroid fields made our pilot convoy go into bumpy hyperloop that would have made both an aerobatic pilot and a computer scientist go nauseous, but once we stiffened the suspension of Droplet, the teardrop camper, everything went smooth.

Droplet Campgrounds on Mars will be equipped with basic amenities, including Free Wi-Fi. “We wanted to make it right. Not too cheap, not too luxurious. What we really want, is to encourage those on a Martian Journey to keep active and explore what this Planet really has to offer”.
The number of Campgrounds created on Mars and their exact location hasn’t been revealed yet. Elon reassures that this project will be absolutely amazing, but that first, Spaceman, along with our ground team, needs to land the prototype safely. “We want visitors to explore the deep craters, the fields of rocks, and the gravity-free pit. But Shhh, I can’t reveal any further details at this point. What I am able to say though, is that I thoroughly enjoy the striking images of the first Teardrop camper, traveling along with the galaxy behind the Roadster, in the skilled pilot hands of SpaceMan.”


Stay tuned for further updates.

Happy April Fools,

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PS: Elon, if you’re reading this, please don’t sue us. All we wanted was to offer a bit of comfort to your Spaceman for his long and strenuous intergalactic road trip!