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At DROPLET, our goal is to create a community of owners, renters, and campsite operators. Those who share our vision of making the outdoors a more accessible space are invited to collaborate with us in a shared-economy initiative. 

Designed to increase the use of your DROPLET and your community’s outdoor recreational spaces, this initiative allows owners to generate income from their DROPLET trailer year-round. We offer three different opportunities for involvement that can be tailored to each owner’s specific needs.

Rental Program – Just like Katie in Pennsylvania, Karl in Washington, and Milan in Nevada, you can take advantage of the increasing demand for lightweight teardrop trailers. DROPLET’s rental program leverages the resources used in building your camper to help others experience the outdoors in an eco-friendly manner. List your camper on our website or the rental platform of your choice to maximize your DROPLET’s use. Based on statistics from 2020, owners may earn enough rental income to pay off their trailer within 3 years, depending on location and rental frequency. At DROPLET, we want you to get the most out of your camper. For this reason, owners who chose the DROPLET website or Outdoorsy can expect to retain 90% of profits.

There are no limits on how or where you promote your trailer. DROPLET will advertise your trailer to potential renters and buyers through our website, on social media, and in our monthly newsletter.

At DROPLET, we are passionate about sharing our love for the outdoors and providing people with an elevated camping experience. Renting your DROPLET is an excellent way to support the camping community and earn additional income while your camper is off the road.


Referral Program – Potential owners often request to see a DROPLET trailer in-person to picture themselves taking one on a camping or road trip. We love to connect first-time buyers with knowledgeable owners who can share their experience using our lightweight teardrop trailer.

We often receive inquiries from various locations around the world. Having campers available for viewing is an important part of building our community. This is why we have implemented a referral program for DROPLET owners. Showing your campers to a potential buyer will result in a $750 rebate if an order is placed. 

DROPLET will take care of the introductions, making the viewing process easy for both parties. As an owner, all you have to do is notify us of a suitable viewing time.

Gone Camping – Making your DROPLET available for rentals or viewings is mutually beneficial to both owners and community members. However, we completely understand if you would prefer to keep your DROPLET trailer for personal use only. There is no pressure to be involved with us after your purchase is complete.

Share your adventure with the DROPLET community! Tag @droplet_trailer or email marketing@droplet-trailer.com to be featured on our social media channels.


Here at DROPLET, support does not stop once you have completed your purchase. Stay tuned for “how-to” videos and a complete owner’s manual that will help you make the most out of your lightweight teardrop trailer.