Get Ready, Here Comes the DROPLET…

We are now about a week away from the launch of our pre-sale campaign and have been counting down the days until all of you have the opportunity to purchase a DROPLET teardrop camping trailer! The DROPLET supporters who purchase at this time will have their trailers in time for the upcoming camping season! We cannot wait to hear about the incredible adventures you plan on having with your new DROPLET camping trailer!

We have spoken to many of you who are planning to purchase one of our teardrops during the pre-sale campaign and it is incredibility exciting to hear about what you plan to do and see this summer with your trailer! Connecting with so many of you has really begun to create the sense of community and connection that we strive for here at DROPLET. We are really pleased to be growing the DROPLET community. We appreciate the fact that so many of you have followed our journey and will now be supporting us in launching our company to the public.

This is truly a great time to purchase a DROPLET teardrop camping trailer. During this pre-sale campaign, you can purchase your DROPLET trailer as low as $14,950 CAD, but once this sale is over, the DROPLET will remain at the full retail price of $17,950 CAD. Not only is this an opportunity to purchase this unique camping trailer at a discount, but you will know that you are supporting the launch of a company with some big dreams.  If you are an interested buyer and would like to chat about pre-purchasing your DROPLET, you can reach out to and set up a time to chat! We would love to connect with our supporters and get to know you better and answer all of your questions!

The price points for the DROPLET camping trailer are as follows, take notice of the increases. On April 1st, DROPLETS will be available at the full retail price. On March 4th the DROPLET camping trailer will be at the lowest possible price, but this will only be for 24 hours! These prices do not include tax or shipping.

This blog has allowed us to share our journey with all of you each step of the way. As we continue to grow and expand, we look forward to keeping you informed about everything that is going on.  As you might know, one of our visions is to have a network of free DROPLET campsites for DROPLET renters and owners. We are currently securing a location for the very first free DROPLET campsite in Canada. Building a sense of connection is very important to us at DROPLET. We are also hoping to provide a platform for our DROPLET owners to rent their camping trailers out to others in their community. Moreover, we are working to create a partnership in Australia to bring the production of DROPLET teardrop camping trailers to our supporters there. We will be sure to give you more information as we grow! Watch out for our upcoming blog posts to learn more about all of the exciting milestones to come!