Give your Droplet a Unique Look

The look is not everything but it sure makes you appreciate certain things even more. We are proud of the DROPLET simple, functional and clean design on both the inside and the outside. To give campers a chance to stand out, we have launched a DROPLET Design initiative. Decorate your teardrop trailer with a unique artwork and bring style to every campsite you visit.

Summer in the Sound by ArtByDi

We have partnered up with artists from Canada and the US to create designs celebrating the beauty of nature. Exploring the outdoors is what connects our community. Each of the selected artists has come up with their own representation of a getaway in their unique style. You have a chance to take that art on the road and spread the message with your DROPLET trailer.

Sunsetter by Erik Abel from AbelArts

Our lightweight trailers are easy to spot no matter where you go. Even though each trailer is unique based on the specific add ons and requirements from the owners, the DROPLET Design initiative gives you an option to differentiate your tiny camper in the best way possible. Functionality meets art when it comes to DROPLET trailers. The saying “If you don’t look back at your car after you park it, you’ve bought the wrong car.” will never be your case anymore.

Yosemite Park by Elyse Dodge

All the artworks are available on our shop site. To support the community, all proceeds from the artwork sales go to the selected artists. To check out more art from our partners please visit their websites – ArtByDi, AbelArts, Elyse Dodge.

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