Industrial Design Internship Experience with Luca Jansen

We value students and their contributions to DROPLET Trailer. Luca Jansen is an Industrial Design student at Emily Carr University. He has been working with us for the last 4 months as an intern. We talked to Luca about his experience working at DROPLET.

How did you start at DROPLET Trailer? I found DROPLET through Leeway, a platform that is in partnership with Emily Carr University. This platform connects students looking for internships to employers who need specific skills. 

What are the core values you believe perfectly fit at DROPLET? A mutual love for the outdoors and the belief that it should be accessible to everyone. A core value that is linked to our love for the outdoors is our respect for it. DROPLET is a company that is very environmentally conscious, a value that should be important for all companies. 

Can you tell us about your experience working withDROPLET Trailer? DROPLET has been my first job that I enjoy what I am doing. Every day feels refreshing with the diversity of projects that vary everyday. I love having to come up with creative solutions for diverse problems alongside getting to work with like minded individuals. Pascal has been a great mentor and has given me the space and opportunity to grow as a designer and maker.


What kind of opportunities can students expect to have while working at DROPLET? All employees have access to camping trailers for free. This is an amazing opportunity for us to explore BC with the products we create. Moreover, the working environment is great, everyone is friendly and try their best to help you if you need. We are a young and dynamic team. Pascal encourages us to have our own projects in the shop whenever we need. You can basically use the shop and do your own project after work hours. Last but not least there is a work-life balance which everyone would agree on. 

What do you think about working in a design-driven company? For me, it has been night and day. Working at DROPLET forces you to think critically and not just take part in repetitive tasks. 

What are you working on now? Can you tell us about your latest project at DROPLETThe latest project I have completed is the design of a new latch mechanism to hold the windows open and closed. Inspired by pop latches on the rear windows of vans, this latch is very satisfying to use. The latch went through many iterations and I am delighted with its final form. 

What are your first or top or favourite projects at DROPLET? My favourite project I have worked on this summer is the AC system. There were many problems to solve, and this fostered an excellent learning environment. I enjoyed the amount of time I got with the 3D printers and the CNC machines. I am very satisfied with the end result and how functional it is, I feel it perfectly blends in with the rest of the trailers aesthetics. 

A 3D rendering of the retrofittable AC duct for DROPLET trailers.
The AC duct can be retrofitted to fit any previously purchased DROPLET trailers!

Do you recommend DROPLET to your peers and why? Yes, I cannot recommend DROPLET enough, my first job that I actually enjoy what I am doing. DROPLET has allowed me to strengthen my confidence in myself as a designer and a maker. I appreciate all that Pascal has taught me and cannot thank him enough for giving me the opportunity to work here.