Let The Sunshine In

At DROPLET, we want to make sure our lightweight trailers come with the right equipment to maximize your camping experience. With solar energy being one of the most suitable power sources, especially for off-grid adventures, we recognize that solar panels are a great addition to our product and it is yet another way of elevating both outdoor and indoor life at the campground.

Finding the right partner was a challenging journey due to our specific needs and a desire to cooperate with a like-minded business. The result however was worth the effort. The 150W rigid removable carbon fiber solar panel from LightLeaf Solar allows us to offer the DROPLET camping trailer with an independent power source that can be used on the road as well as while camping. After months of researching, discussing, and testing, together we managed to create a design that follows the shape of our lightweight trailer. DROPLET and LightLeaf also share a passion for modern technologies – using a 3D printer during the production process is just one of many similarities. The quick-release and lockable mounting hardware give you extra flexibility to find the right spot to recharge your panel and get the most out of the equipment the DROPLET teardrop trailer comes with.

“I love the fact that we do not have to park our camping trailer in direct sun. It is so easy to remove the panel and bring it to a sunny spot. There is no faster and more convenient way of recharging.”

Bryce S., British Columbia

Showcase the function
No need to park in the direct sun

LightLeaf Solar is a Canadian-based company operating from Saskatoon where they design, create and manufacture all their products. Their light and aerodynamic panels are the perfect fit for our trailers. It allows us to maintain one of our camper’s favorite features – lightweight. Even though the shape of our teardrop trailer itself prevents any destruction of the front window, the solar panel also serves as additional protection. And we can assure you that LightLeaf Solar products, built using Rigid Overlay Composite (ROC) technology, are extremely durable both on and off the road. You may enjoy your outdoor adventure knowing that the camping trailer and its equipment will remain undamaged.


Pmax 150W
Vmp 25.9V (max power point)
Imp 5.8A  (max power point)
Voc 31.8V (open circuit)
Isc 6.2A (short circuit)
Connector – SAE (Zamp polarity – positive shrouded)