DROPLET, a Year in Review

With the fast approach of our official launch, we thought we would give you a detailed review of what it’s like to camp in a DROPLET teardrop camping trailer. Our team at DROPLET has been renting out our prototype in the Vancouver area for the last year. This has given us the opportunity to gain meaningful insight and feedback into what the user experience is like. In addition, it has validated the design of our teardrop trailer.

We learned that many users loved the:

  • Large doors for easy exit and entrance
  • Spanning windows that help campers engage with their natural surroundings
  • Light-weight towing for easy mobility
  • Unique Scandinavian and simplistic design


” The first reason that we loved the DROPLET is definitely the windows and the mood on the inside. The interior is so relaxing, and you just feel that you can relax and sit back and enjoy the outdoors from the inside. The second reason is it’s easy right after work on a Friday, you can just pop out – using our little Suburo Cross Trek. It can’t pull much – but it can sure pull this trailer. I wouldn’t say there is much to improve – I really enjoyed my experience with the DROPLET. I have already recommended it, and so many people are interested in it- it’s such a quick way to get out of town and have a good weekend, and still feel like your camping. We would rent it again.”

– Derek, North Vancouver, BC (Airbnb)


We really enjoyed the weekend in the DROPLET, everything was contained in one place. The bed was extra comfortable, I slept like a log for the whole weekend. It was a good time, a lot of people came around to ask questions, everyone was intrigued by what was in such a small package.

– Roy,  Langley, (Airbnb)


Would recommend. The amenities were excellent, everything we needed was included. The bed was so comfortable! We definitely won’t be going back to tent camping after this!

– Courtney, Vancouver, BC (Airbnb)

We love sharing our DROPLET with our community. Did you know that when you purchase your DROPLET teardrop trailer, you will have the opportunity to do the same? We are working to create a rental portal on our website, so all of our DROPLET owners can rent their trailers out to others in their community. So, if you are not using your DROPLET trailer for the weekend, you can find someone in your city or town who would love to go on a camping adventure and rent it to them! The DROPLET teardrop camping trailer is a great way to make connections in your community with people who share the love of camping, nature, and adventure. A lot of people have trailers that sit around when they are not using them to camp, at DROPLET, we wanted to create a solution to this problem. Share-culture is a great way to reduce waste, engage with our neighbors, and offer value to our communities. We look forward to empowering DROPLET teardrop camping trailer owners and giving them the chance to easily embrace share culture.

Do you have questions about DROPLET?

Leave us a comment below or reach out by email to info@droplet-trailer.ca.

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