Pre-Order your DROPLET on March 4!

We are about two weeks from the start of our pre-sale campaign, and we couldn’t be more excited! Once this campaign goes live you will have the opportunity to join the DROPLET community. This will be the only opportunity to get a DROPLET at a discounted rate. The team at DROPLET cannot wait to offer this reward to our early supporters.

Why are we pre-selling?

We are pre-selling DROPLET trailers for a limited amount of time to help us fund production on a larger scale. When you buy a DROPLET during our pre-sale campaign, not only will you be purchasing a teardrop camping trailer at a discount, but you will be helping launch DROPLET into the market! We are very excited to offer DROPLET trailers to more people in the future and grow our network of DROPLET trailer owners and renters across the globe!

When are we pre-selling?

It’s coming very soon! In early March, we will be offering our teardrop camping trailers at a discounted price for a limited time! If you are an interested buyer and like to chat about pre-purchasing your DROPLET, you can reach out to and set up a time to chat! We would love to connect with our supporters and get to know you better and answer all of your questions!

Who can Pre-Purchase?

We are offering this opportunity to our early patrons! Unfortunately, because of the scale of our operation currently, we can only offer DROPLETs in the United States and Canada. We understand that many of our supporters are located in other parts of the world and we have not forgotten you! Later in 2018, we hope to expand and be able to offer DROPLETs in other parts of the world. We are working to secure production and distribution partnerships on other continents to localize production and bring the DROPLET to everyone.

What are the Price Points?

The price points for the DROPLET are as follows, take notice of the increase per day. On April 1st, DROPLETS will be available at the full retail price. On March 4th the DROPLET camping trailer will be at the lowest possible price, but this will only be for 24 hours! These prices do not include tax or shipping.

What’s coming?

There is a lot coming on the horizon for DROPLET. As you might know, one of our visions is to have a network of free DROPLET campsites for DROPLET renters and owners. We are currently securing a location for the very first free DROPLET campsite in Canada. Building a sense of connection is very important to us at DROPLET. We are also hoping to provide a platform for our DROPLET owners to rent their camping trailers out to others in their community. Moreover, we are working to create a partnership in Australia to bring the production of DROPLET teardrop camping trailers to our supporters there. We will be sure to give you more information as we grow! Watch out for our upcoming blog posts to learn more about all of the exciting milestones to come!

2 thoughts on “Pre-Order your DROPLET on March 4!”

  1. Love your trailers…love you started in Bc…and that my Subaru crosstrek could tow this.

    We are considering a droplet trailer-is there any chance wr are looking at this summer? Or would an order be for next year?

    Also- do you sell/rent anywhere on Vancouver Island where we could see one before purchase?

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you for you love and support. I have sent you an email with answers to your questions so you have all the information needed about the options we offer at the moment.

      Have a great day.

      Adam, DROPLET

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