Droplet – Deposit (Goes Towards the Purchase)


The deposit amount goes towards your purchase.

You are buying a deposit to get your DROPLET manufactured, which helps us cover the cost of building materials. Please note that the initial Deposit is non-refundable. Prior to shipping, you will need to pay the balance of full price unit. Please note that provincial and/or federal taxes may apply based on your location, and that delivery costs may apply on top of the listed price.

The Shell

The shell of DROPLET is built with a high tech pressed laminate of aluminum, foam, and wood. This method of construction is inspired by boat and aircraft construction and uses very little screws. This results in an extremely light, strong, and highly insulated structure, with great vibration dampening effects. Perfect for a travel trailer.

The Cooking Space

The kitchen area in the DROPLET is made of an acrylic material, for a clean and sleek cooking and prepping surface. The kitchen has space to both hang dishes and store them out of sight in a wide pull-out drawer. The space is lit by 2 flush LED lamps, that are tap operated. The recessed sink is large enough for all camping needs and is hand-pump operated with a closed loop water system.

The Cabin

The interior is large enough to accommodate a comfortable 6″ queen size mattress (60″ x 80″ / 1.52m x 2.03m). There are 2 cabinets and 2 shelves at the foot of the bed for storing electronic devices and clothes. There is additional storage in the form of felt pockets on the doors of the cabin to store nighttime essentials. The cabin is lit with 2 LED reading lamps, that are tap operated.  The DROPLET is bright and spacious. The half dome front window and complementing side windows are tinted ( bronze -26 % light transmission) for privacy and heat transfer control.  In addition, the DROPLET makes use of the biggest possible yachting hatch. It has a lockable AIRstream position to allow for air movement and slide windows and vents for natural air flow.  The DROPLET doors are designed for easy entrance and exit.