Portable Stove (Recommended)


Designed to be carried along, this stove will deliver a real cooking experience for friends and family. Lighter, smaller and more compact than most two burner stoves and without compromising performance or capacity, Kinjia will not let the outdoor chef down.

The Kinjia is powered by one 16.4-oz. propane cylinder. The grids and the drip tray are easily removed and can be cleaned individually making the stove easy to maintain. Made from solid materials and its robust design will ensure years of reliable service.

  • Weight: 8.1 lbs
  • Dimensions: 18.7″ x 11.6″ 3.1″
  • Output: 2 x 7,000 BTU/h
  • Powered by one 16.4-oz. propane cylinder (not included)
  • Manual Ignition

The stove fits tight in its drawer.