Should You Go Glamping? Yes! Here are 7 Reasons Why

Have you ever heard of glamping? DROPLET provides comfort and style while still enjoying being in the heart of nature, AKA, the perfect glamping setup! For inexperienced campers, this is the best way to ease into it and enjoy time outside while still having the convenience of a comfortable bed and a fully functioning kitchen.

Camping and glamping newbies, keep reading to see if this unique vacation is perfect for your family’s next getaway!

Glamping For Dummies

View of the inside of a Droplet trailer from the side showing a woman reading a magazine
Enjoy your camping days with the DROPLET lightweight teardrop trailer


So what exactly is glamping, anyway? Glamping is a combo of the words “glamour” and “camping”. Those unfamiliar with the idea might be confused about how camping can be glamorous. Glamping means taking the outdoor experience of camping and adding some creature comforts. 

Glamping is actually a relatively new word, added to the Oxford English Dictionary only in 2016. But just because the term is new doesn’t mean that the idea is. There are examples of glamping dating back to the 1500s! That being said, new technology has made glamping trips more accessible now than ever.

Roughing it isn’t for everyone, but nature is! Glamping offers the perfect solution for those who want to climb a mountain but not sleep on the side of one. For people who want to sit by the fire and gaze at the stars but then doze off in a real bed. For adventurers who enjoy fishing but want a kitchen to cook dinner.

Camping Vs. Glamping – What’s the Difference?

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Enjoy the comfort during your travel

Typically speaking, the main difference between camping and glamping is your accommodation. Rather than packing your tent and having to pitch it all by yourself, there will be some sort of shelter there waiting for you. In addition, these campsites will often have additional amenities like running water or electricity that make your camping experience even comfier. 

There is a huge sliding scale when it comes to glamping. There is no “one tent fits all” formula here and it can look different for everyone. For example, consider a desert yurt for rent on Airbnb, a high-end African safari tent with a hot tub in the middle, a luxury geodesic dome, or a teardrop trailer. It also can be as simple as camping in a cabin. These experiences could be considered glamping, and each will come with a different degree of luxury.

Team Glamping! Why You Should Level Up Your Camping Experience

Coffee being poured in front of a DROPLET camper
Camping with the DROPLET teardrop camper is an unforgettable experience.

We always support people reconnecting with nature and enjoying the great outdoors, no matter what that looks like for them! Both camping and glamping have their perks, and there’s a time and place for each of them. If you’re trying to decide, check out these advantages of glamping.

Shower Your Day Away

One major perk of glamping is running water, which is perfect for those who like to shower after a day out exploring the wilderness. The longer your trip is, the more likely you’ll want access to a shower. Glamping is all about staying comfortable, and being clean is a major factor there.

Level Up Your Cooking

After a long day hiking or kayaking, you probably want a warm and hearty meal, but trying to whip up something on a fire or camping stove isn’t always the easiest task. With electricity and maybe even a full kitchen, making dinner won’t seem like such a chore. Not to mention, you can keep perishables cold.

Don’t worry – you can still have a fire to roast those marshmallows.

Don’t Stress About Bugs or Animals

Ask any avid outdoorsman what their least favorite part is and they’ll likely mention mosquitos. When traditional camping, you need to rush in and out of your tent in hopes that no bugs get in. Plus, you need to worry about where you store your food so that no animals come to find it.

When glamping, you’ll be inside of a nice, sturdy setup that will keep you safe from scary animals and away from pesky bugs.

Keep Your Back Intact

A traditional camping experience usually involves sleeping in a sleeping bag, either on the ground or on a thin mattress. That setup is not very gentle on your back, and after a few days, you’ll be missing your bed dearly.

When glamping, you’ll be resting your head on a fluffy mattress with all the pillows and blankets your heart desires.

Extend Your Stay

Sure, there are some hardcore campers out there, but for most people, a camping trip is only sustainable for a few days at a time. If you’re looking for a longer submersion into nature, glamping is the way to go.

Invite Your Fancy Friends

If you’ve ever tried to gather a group of your friends together for a camping trip, you know that some people simply are not the camping type. If you’re trying to get a diverse group of friends together for an outdoor adventure, you will have much better luck persuading some of them if you offer glamping accommodation over a tent.

Enjoy the Perks of Camping

Despite all of these upgrades over regular camping, you still reap so many of the benefits. You can spend all day breathing in the fresh air, being more active, unplugging from your electronics, and boosting your overall mood. You don’t have to sleep outdoors to experience the mental and physical health benefits of camping. 

Where Can You Try Glamping

The glamping trend has grown exponentially over the past decade, and it’s now easier than ever to find a super epic location to try it out yourself. An excellent place to start looking is at regular RV campgrounds. They often have some cabins available for rental, which is the most traditional style of glamping.

Another great place to find glamping options throughout the US and Canada is Airbnb. People are getting more creative by the day with the type of glamping offered. Check out a few of our favorites!

Traditional Navajo HomeMonument Valley, Utah

This unique accommodation is a traditional Navajo Hogan built with local juniper trees and mud, similar to the ones that have been built for hundreds of years. But, despite being made of earth, you’ll be sleeping on a queen-sized bed and have electricity at your fingertips. 

Treehouse with Panoramic ViewsOlympia, Washington

Sleep nestled up in the cedars with green leafy views for days. This treehouse offers easy access to the beautiful Olympics and Mt. Rainier, as well as a comfortable bed and half bath.

JTHAVN Remote Dessert Bubble DomeJoshua Tree, California

A hint of luxury deep in the middle of the desert, this dome is located conveniently 13 miles from Joshua Tree National Park, a longtime favorite. With an outdoor shower, memory foam mattress, and hot showers, it offers all the glamping necessities.

RV Camping on 5 AcresRed Deer Country, Alberta

Even if you don’t have your own RV, you can choose from hundreds available online and already set up with everything you need. This one sleeps six and is located within three minutes of Red Deer and 30 minutes to four different lakes nearby.

Why a DROPLET Trailer is Perfect for Glamping

View of a Droplet teardrop trailer in the woods
Upgrade from tent camping to glamping with our lightweight teardrop trailer

DROPLET trailers are the perfect solution for people who love the idea of glamping but still want to retain a bit of the minimalist vibe. In addition, these trailers offer some of the most basic comforts that people miss the most when camping – a full kitchen and a comfortable place to sleep at night. 

Not only does a teardrop trailer afford you these sweet luxuries, but you can bring them with you to any camping location. The trailers are small enough that you can tow them with most vehicles and fit them into the smallest of camping spots. For a minimalistic glamping experience, park your DROPLET trailer anywhere your heart desires! For something a bit more luxurious, find a resort-style RV park with all the amenities you’re looking for.

No matter which way you go, your teardrop trailer will bring along a perfect touch of comfort.