Summer Adventures: Bringing your DROPLET to the Water

Politics and economy aside, the hottest topic of Summer 2018 after the launch of DROPLET Trailers and the Kardashian’s latest bikini selfies remains the general alarming rise of temperatures.
The West Coast of North America has hundreds of live wildfires spreading across California and BC, Mexico is under flooding rains, Scandinavia has hit record-breaking temperatures this year, and the eternal ices on glaciers across the globe is melting faster than your favorite Italian sorbet.

Little Stop-over by the Pit in Squamish for a Kitesurfing session with DROPLET. No camping is allowed there, but plenty of available camping spots in/near town.

Still, We’ve been blessed here in Vancouver, with bluebird skies and hot streaks shooting above 31C.
The ocean’s water is just refreshing enough to chase the heat, and the numerous lakes of BC welcome locals and tourists alike.
BC is its own paradise, and we started DROPLET as an excuse for ourselves to go explore and immerse ourselves in the Great Outdoors. But not all water holes are equal, nor are they all at the same distance from the big city. Where should you go? With so much to see and so little time, what are the most refreshing spots in BC to go set camp at?

1: The Fraser Valley

we set camp by Alouette Lake, not far from Chilliwack.

East of Vancouver is a true camper’s paradise with a huge selection of lakes, rivers, and mountains. It has access to every kind of outdoor activity. Enjoy hiking? There are countless hiking opportunities available to you, ranging from quick afternoon hikes to multi-day excursions. Need a little adrenaline? Get your fix by skydiving, paragliding, mountaineering, or rafting. When there are light currents, you can also choose to go river tubing. You can either reserve a tube from an outfitter or bring your own by renting it from a reputable and trustworthy river tube rental business.

2: Squamish

Canada’s Yosemite. Located right by the ocean, with high natural rock structures made of granite, Squamish has become a camping, mountain biking, and rock-climbing mecca over the years. Best described as the “outdoors capital” of Canada, Squamish is home to the iconic Stawamus Chief. But more than rock, Squamish has an enormous amount of rainforest, lakes, rivers, and surrounding nature. It doesn’t take much to feel deep in the wilderness. Only one hour away from Vancouver and a few miles away from Whistler, Squamish is a fantastic day/multiday destination for anyone visiting Vancouver or the lower mainland. Squamish is also close to Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain, the two peaks that rise above 2500 meters sea level, which offer some of the finest skiing in North America and are a major tourist attraction. Typically, travelers spend a week or more on these slopes since there is a lot to see in a single day. After a great day of adventure, you can stop at one of the area’s finest restaurants where apr├Ęs snacks like Pizza Whistler tend to be quite famous.

3: The Okanagan / Lake Country

Summerland/Lake Country, where the Living is Easy. Image courtesy of BC Parks.

If Summer fever describes you, then head over to the Okanagan, where the living is easy. Warm temperatures all summer long, a strong sun to boost your tan, pristine lakes, and an array of wineries and cideries to choose from. The climate is drier than around Vancouver, so make sure to stay permanently hydrated to avoid heatstroke. It is therefore best to carry a sturdy cooler (for your comparison purposes, you might want to check out sites like with you if you do decide to visit this scenic locale for your picnic plans!

4: Nelson BC

Nelson is a little paradise on Earth. Image courtesy of Shanti Yoga

Quite a few miles further away, Nelson is located a day’s driving distance from Vancouver. Yet, it is absolutely worth the scenic drive to get there. Endless lakes, mountains, and forests surround this vibrant town, which also hosts some of the most eclectic artists from BC and beyond. Small cafes, restaurants, and hippie shops contribute to the laid-back summer atmosphere in Nelson. In the winter, it turns into a fantastic ski hill. To be put simply, Nelson is an extraordinary destination, no matter the season.