Support Independent Artists With a Vinyl Wrap on Your Droplet Trailer

The sleek white paint job of the default Droplet looks great. But what if you want something a little more unique?

Well then, you’re in luck! We’ve partnered with four different artists from around the world to put their art on your Droplet teardrop trailer using vinyl wraps. These nature-inspired designs bring art to the natural world and help your Droplet fit in with the natural vistas around it. 

How to Add a Vinyl Wrap on Your Droplet Trailer

Adding an awesome vinyl wrap on your trailer is an easy way to give your Droplet a unique look. In the shop, scroll down to see different artists we’ve partnered with as a part of our design initiative. From there, you can select which of those artists’ works you’d like to adorn the back of your Droplet. 

Once you go to check out, the cost of the vinyl wrap will be included with your Droplet and all the other add-ons. Even better, all profit goes directly to the artist. That means you can get a sleek look for your trailer, and help support independent artists!

We’ve been partnering with artists for years now, and we love the results. With a vinyl wrap on your Droplet, you can promote the harmony of art and nature and help bring our community together. 

DROPLET Trailer with artwork by Elyse Dodge
Artwork by Elyse Dodge

Droplet Design Initiative Artists

Discover your new favourite artist! The Droplet design initiative includes four great artists from around the world.

Ed Field

Ed Field Photography on the lightweight teardrop trailer
Photography by Ed Field

Ed Field is a Montana-based photographer who specializes in landscape photography. His photos show off the natural splendor of his native Montana and other places he’s traveled. In his own words, Ed has “an absolute blast shooting portraits, landscapes, sports, weddings, wildlife, and lots of fun things in Montana and the Northwest.”

Raul Casado

“I look for inspiration from nature for each of my illustrations. I can’t find a better way to travel than with the house on your back, changing landscapes, endless roads and spectacular nights under a blanket of stars. The best way to live the travel experience.”

-Raul Casado

DROPLET teardrop trailer Artwork Raul CASADO
DROPLET teardrop trailer Artwork Raul CASADO

Mallorca, Spain-based Raul Casado is the latest artist we’ve partnered with. His art has a joy and simplicity that we love. It just makes you feel good!

His simple and playful designs evoke the ocean and everything nature has to offer. With simple lines and bold colors, his art has a natural draw and power that makes you feel like you’re on a Mediterranean beach soaking up the ocean air. 

Erik Abel

“I love it when companies see the value in collaborating with artists. That’s when a product goes from lame and boring to unique and awesome. Just take a look at the current graphics packages on almost any current RV or motorhome… just mindless, messy, cookie-cutter, tribal tattoo, garbage. It makes me wonder if it’s the same one designer that does all the graphics for every RV company? Might as well be. It’s great to see Droplet taking the creative high road.”

-Erik Abel, AbelArts

Erik Abel's artwork on tiny camper
Artwork by Erik Abel

Erik Abel, who works under the moniker AbelArts, is a California-based painter with truly eye-catching works. His bold colors, geometric patterns, and botanical profiles are inspired by his love of the ocean, surfing, and travel. His work exudes the spirit of water and the splendor of nature. 

When you look at Erik’s works, intricate details reveal themselves to tell the stories of his paintings. Through loose strokes of colored pencil, he builds layers of color and accent that create rich dimensions of meaning and beauty. 

Elyse Dodge

“Traveling the world and exploring fresh landscapes has always been the main source of inspiration for my work. It is that shared sense of discovery, love for nature and the B.C. roots that ultimately made me want to work with Droplet on this artist series. Enjoying nature should be accessible to all and Droplet Trailers is on a mission to make that possible – for that reason I am happy to align my artwork with a brand like theirs. I can’t wait to explore North America in one of these cozy modern trailers one day!”

-Elyse Dodge

Artwork by Elyse Dodge on the DROPLET Lightweight Teardrop Camper
Elyse Dodge is known for her unique landscapes.

Originally from Canada and based in LA, Elyse Dodge is best known for her unique geometric landscapes. Taking inspiration from West Coast scenery, she crafts deconstructed landscapes through abstract geometric forms.

Through her work, she explores the contrast between soft and hard forms, and of the literal and the abstract. As a child, she learned to see the simple shapes and colors that form the world around her. She uses her natural vision to craft one-of-a-kind landscapes that remind us that nothing is as simple as it seems. 

You (Yes, You!)

We saved our favorite artist for last… you!

If you have any artwork you’d like to use as a vinyl wrap for your Droplet, we’d love to make it a reality. Simply contact us and provide the artwork that you’d like to use. Then, we’ll put it on your Droplet for a truly one-of-a-kind teardrop trailer!

A Vinyl Wrap Will Make Your Droplet Even Cooler

The Droplet is already one of the coolest trailers around. But with a vinyl wrap from an independent artist, you can make your Droplet even more unique. Even better, all profits go straight to the artist, so you can upgrade your Droplet and feel good about it too!