The Women of DROPLET


DROPLET is a unique company. We build amazing lightweight teardrop camping trailers but our goal is not to do so at any cost. Pascal, the founder of DROPLET, is deeply attached to the core values of the company. Among others, his dream is to create a sustainable and enjoyable work environment for everyone. He tries to fix what he had been facing and seeing in different industries for many years – prejudice.

At DROPLET we value passion and motivation more than diplomas and experience. Regardless of one’s work and personal background we believe that anybody can learn anything if they put their heart into it. That is how Annabelle, our production lead hand, got onboard with little experience but a huge amount of enthusiasm for the product and an undeniable drive to learn. She is now conducting our entire production.

Emily joined us as an experienced worker to combine her passion for woodworking and camping. Right from the beginning she has used her skills and work ethics to make a significant impact on our productivity

We don’t celebrate the women of DROPLET only on a specific day of the year. We are thankful to have them every day. Like every other member of the team, they bring different skills, visions, and passion we all feed on. Thank you ladies for being a part of DROPLET!

How did you get to DROPLET?

Annabelle: When I applied I was very honest that my background was not in carpentry/manufacturing, but that I’m eager to learn and believe to have a talent in the industry. Pascal gave me the chance to prove it and two years later I’m still here.

Emily: I have always been passionate about making things (building, painting, sewing). I have worked in carpentry and went to school for stagecraft. DROPLET is a perfect fit for me to utilize my skills and work with like-minded, creative people.

What is your work background?

Annabelle: After my studies in Southeast-Asian studies I’ve worked with several development aid associations. When I came to Canada I taught kids riding bicycles and the rules of the road.

Emily: I have worked in carpentry for retail settings and on several theatre productions. A lot of my other work was in customer service jobs.

What do you like about working for DROPLET and the RV industry in general?

Annabelle: I’m a big outdoor enthusiast and love camping, it’s only natural that I want to contribute to making other campers happy.

Emily: I like that every team member brings something new to the table. It’s fun to work with such an inventive group. I like that DROPLET is making camping more accessible for those who do not want to tent or are not able to. I love camping and we live in such an amazing area to do it.

What is your favourite camping destination?

Annabelle: Well, there are so many great spots out there. Anywhere in the mountains, by a lake or a river will make me happy.

Emily: My favourite area to camp is around Banff. I also love the journey to get there. The wildlife is amazing!

What is one thing you would never go camping without?

Annabelle: Good friends and my partner. In terms of gear, it depends on the season: in wintertime, I bring a hot water bottle and a big pot to make soup, dry fire starters are essential too. In summer I always have a bathing suit with me, lots of water and bear spray.

Emily: I am okay camping without people but there is no way I am leaving for a trip without my dog.

Do you have any advice for women in male-dominated fields?

Annabelle: Personally, I play to my strength. I share my knowledge and teach others my skills. I’m not afraid of learning new skills or asking for help. Everybody has something to contribute to a great working team and good atmosphere at a workplace.

Emily: Do what you are passionate about and surround yourself with like-minded people.

4 thoughts on “The Women of DROPLET”

  1. Great article. Glad to see women in the company. I am impressed with the company values. Hope to buy a Droplet soon.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Kim. Feel free to reach out once you are ready or if you need more information about anything DROPLET-related.

  2. 3 words – inspiring, illuminating and motivating.
    Just need to come up with the deposit.

    Do want to point out a quick edit to remove the duplicate sentence. Maybe it was to emphasize the point how amazing Emily is 🙂

    Emily joined us as an experienced worker with a goal to combine her passion for woodworking and camping. During her time with DROPLET, she has used her skills and work ethics to make a significant impact on our productivity.

    • Hi Al,

      Thank you for your interest in DROPLET. Even though Emily works for two people, I assume the sentence does not need to be there twice :).

      Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about the trailer itself, our company or long-term goals, we would be happy to have you in the DROPLET community.

      Have a great day.


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