Vancouver to Cali and Back in under 4 Days.

March 2018 has been a REALLY exciting time for our Team at Droplet. On March 4th, we officially launched publicly our original Teardrop, Droplet-58. Serial production already began out of Langley BC, and the first orders of our compact campers will be delivered on time during May.

On March 8th, Our CEO Pascal Pillon took the road from Vancouver, BC to Redding, CA to meet up with as many interesting Droplet and teardrop camper fans as possible. He was back on Canadian soil on March 11th, late in the evening. That’s almost 2400km in 4 days. Not quite the exact definition of a relaxing camping trip. Running a start-up lean and having time to get everything done is always hard at first but thankfully, the essence of our business helps us save tremendous time and costs on travel and accommodation. That’s part of the joys of simple living: just pack your essentials and go. For those who wish for a mellow road trip Droplet can serve them well. But do keep in mind, this has little luxury element when you compare it with airplane rental. Initially, it may seem like a difficult trial, but things do get better over time.

Ready to go to bed after 12h on the road. ? by Pascal Pillon

The first stretch of any journey always feels awfully long. Seconds feel like minutes, minutes feel like hours. So much distance to cover, so little time and so many angry stressed drivers on the highway to compete with. The fast pace living, overstimulation, and ambient stress related to the city once again managed to tune the brain into higher RPMs. Thankfully, road tripping with Droplet is the ideal cure for all the symptoms mentioned above, even on business travels: get in the teardrop pod, shut the brain, sleep like a log and wake up feeling refreshed, soothed by the clean ocean air.

Good Morning Oregon! ? by Pascal Pillon

Despite slightly capricious weather, dozens of interested online followers, as well as newly encountered fans contacted us to see the original Droplet over the weekend, which felt like a great early victory for the countless hours already invested into this dream project. It is sometimes easy to forget the magnitude of reach achievable through the digital web and social media, and how it can be even further extended by utilizing growth tools like Somiibo.

Our friends from Destination Minis give Droplet the thumb up after a thorough inspection. ? by Pascal Pillon, Redding CA.
Impromptu meeting with Ben & Kim, Instagram followers from Manzanita, Oregon. ? by Pascal Pillon

We are so fortunate to be able to share our story with you. Everything is happening so fast, with already our first international orders. Much is left to develop, and this is just the beginning. We would like to thank EVERYONE who has supported us so far in the early launch of DROPLET. If you would like to give it a try yourself, wait no further. Get one before the summer or rent one from us for your next adventure out of Vancouver, BC. If you live further away, PLEASE contact us and stay tuned. Other units will start populating in Saskatchewan (Canada), California (US), and on the East Coast of Australia over summer 2018! Until then, we hope that you enjoy our adventures vicariously.

Ready to hit the road back to Canada. ? Pascal Pillon

Happy Camping,

Pascal Pillon, CEO of Droplet.