Wind Tunnel Testing

DROPLET is all about innovation. Our goal is to make sure the DROPLET trailer is the most efficient and comfortable tiny camper while having the least impact on our environment possible. In the interest of providing an environmentally conscious product to our customers, DROPLET partnered up with the University of Saskatchewan capstone design program with the objective to determine the drag coefficient for our lightweight trailer and to explore the effectiveness of add-ons in reducing it.

Wool tufts are attached to the teardrop trailer to confirm the aerodynamics simulation.

The main appeal of small camping trailers is the low tow rating. We have managed to keep the weight of our teardrop trailer as low as 950 lbs and at 900 lbs with the aluminum chassis. However, the weight is not the only attribute of the low tow rating; another one is the aerodynamic drag. The scope of this project was to first determine the drag coefficient using both the wind tunnel along with ANSYS Fluent computational fluid dynamics software (CFD) and to explore the effectiveness of add-ons to reduce the drag coefficient.

Boundary-Layer Thickness Result

Low aerodynamic drag is particularly important at high speed. Doubling the speed means quadrupling the drag which leads to higher fuel consumption. The basic theory of aerodynamics is following: air (ρ), coefficient of drag (C), area (A), and speed (v).

R = ½ρ Cx A v²

We take pride in implementing the most eco-friendly production practices so our clients can be assured that their DROPLET tiny camper was built in an environmentally friendly way. The study from the University of Saskatchewan helped us reach the potential of our teardrop trailer and guarantee that campers who choose DROPLET as their travel partner will get the best experience possible. We are determined to continue with research and development to provide our customers with the efficiency they expect. Get a DROPLET trailer and become an explorer in your local area.

Thanks to Mitchell Dumba, Shawn MacNabb, and Muhammad Sirdar for their cooperation.