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Our DROPLET Campsite was in Lillooet in 2023.

Building a network of campsites available at no cost to the DROPLET community members was one of the ideas our company was established with. Opening the first campsites in 2021 was an exciting step towards achieving the long-term goal – travelling with our lightweight trailers from one side of the continent to another while staying at DROPLET campsites only.

Outdoor camping on private property is the best way to improve your mental health while keeping your distance from the crowds of provincial campsites.

Come and enjoy your quiet time away from the city rush and get the most out of creekside camping the best way possible – in a teardrop trailer and with no distractions. For visitors seeking a more active vacation, the area offers space for hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and much more.


Our campsite was set in Princeton 2020-2022 and Lilloeet in 2023. We are currently looking for a new location in 2024. Stay tuned ! 


If you know a land owner interested in hosting a DROPLET campsite, feel free to send our contact information. We will install a site at no cost to the land owner!.

Reach out to us via the live chat or the contact form in case of any questions.


​In  2023 in Lilloeet

you had access to 300 acres of pristine nature
1,500 feet of the creekside front
Hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and low-impact snowshoeing trails


Shaded deck
LED lighting
Food prep counter
Off the grid
Solo Stove fire pit


Check-in at 1 pm / Check-out at 11 am
One additional RV is allowed
Pet friendly (dogs must be under control all the time)
No motorized vehicles – ATVs, snowmobiles,…