The Trailer


The Next Small Thing


We build our teardrop travel trailers with only the finest materials. The pod structure is a well-insulating blend of high-tech laminates, inspired by boat and aircraft building techniques.

At 950lbs, DROPLET trailer isn’t only light, it is bright, spacious and robust.


Welcome to DROPLET, where Design meets functionality. We are proud to stand behind our beautiful teardrop camping trailer, specifically designed to be pulled by a wide range vehicles. CEO of DROPLET Pascal Pillon put over 20 years of engineering knowledge together to deliver this elegant, lightweight, and eco-friendly teardrop. Inspired by Scandinavian design, the DROPLET remains simplistic, compact yet roomy and durable.



  • SLEEP – The cabin interior is built around a comfortable 6″ queen size mattress (60″ x 80″ / 1.52m x 2.03m).
  • STORAGE – There are 2 cabinets and 2 shelves at the bed’s foot. This is ample storage for your electronic devices and some clothing.
    Additional large felt pockets are within arm’s reach on each door for the night essentials.
  • BRIGHTNESS –  DROPLET sports an amazing half dome front window that brings the outdoors inside. Stargazing is not an option in DROPLET, it’s mandatory!
    All front and side windows are tinted (Bronze – 26% light transmission) for privacy and heat transfer control.
  • WIDE ENTRY – The 2 doors are designed to allow for easy entrance/exit. No need to be a Yogi to get in.
  • AIR FLOW – The biggest possible yachting hatch is installed on DROPLET. It has a lockable AIRstream position to allow for air movement when you’re away. Along with the swing outside windows and the side vents, air circulation is all natural.
  • INSULATION – The cabin is insulated with a closed cell Aluminum laminated foam (R=2.81). This makes the DROPLET an all season camper.
  • LIGHTING – The cabin is lit with 2 LED reading lamps. No switch needed. Just tap them.
  • NEW IN 2020 – Fast charging USB plug and unlimited 110v+USB when plugged in the campsite.


  • COUNTERTOP and BACKSPLASH are made of beautiful Acrylic material for a sleek, easy to clean space.
  • HANGING DISHES – All your dishes are hung on the back-splash for easy access.
  • LIGHTING – The kitchen area is lit with 2 flush LED lamps. No switch needed. Just tap them.
  • FRIDGE – 12/24V slide out fridge. No ice, more space!
  • STOVE – 2 burner propane cooking stove.
  • STORAGE – Wide pull out drawer for your pots, pans, and food.
  • SINK – This recessed sink is enough to do the dishes. The closed loop water system is hand pump operated.
  • NEW IN 2020 – Unlimited 110v+USB when plugged in the campsite.


The construction is a high-tech laminate that is inspired by boat and aircraft building. It is built light and extremely strong.

DROPLET uses a few screws. Like most recent boats and aircrafts, the majority of the assembly is made with high strength structural adhesives. This process spreads loads over a wider surface. It also absorbs vibrations, reduces structure fatigue and conforms to material expansion (Hot and cold cycles).

  • OUTSIDE – Aluminum composite
  • FRAME – Structural wood fiber
  • INSULATION – Closed cell rigid foam
  • INSIDE – Finishing wood laminate.


  • FRAME – Powder coated Steel (choose the aluminum option to save 50lbs).
  • SUSPENSION – Axle free torsion system. This is a top of the line suspension absorbs shocks without bouncing around.
  • TONGUE – The tongue is fitted for 1-7/8″ balls.
  • WHEELS – 12″ wheels were chosen for the best fit clearance / weight / durability
  • JACK – Wide double wheel for better control on uneven surfaces. This fancy jack is sturdy and beautiful.
  • STORAGE – Extra storage at the front for your BBQ, chairs,…


Geometry in ft/m
5 ft / 1,52m
8 ft  / 2,4m
4 ft / 1,22m
6.6 ft / 2,02m
13.5 ft / 4.1m
5.5 ft / 1,70m

Trailer weight: 950 lbs
Trailer tongue weight: 95 lbs
Weights include anything that is physically attached to the trailer. Not included: Mattress, cooler, food, water,…

Example of vehicles that can legally and safely pull DROPLET:

• Volkswagen GOLF Tdi-> 3,300 lbs
• Subaru IMPREZA -> 2,400 lbs
• Toyota MATRIX -> 1,500 lbs
• Toyota COROLLA -> 1,200 lbs
• Volvo C30 -> 2,000 lbs
• Ford FOCUS -> 1,100 lbs
• Honda CIVIC -> 1,100 lbs
• Honda CRV -> 1,400 lbs

For information only. Data might not be valid in every state or country.

This is the owner / renters responsibility to verify their compliance with local requirements.