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Where are the DROPLET trailers made?

We design, build, rent and ship our trailers from Burnaby, BC. One of our goals is to create local jobs and support other local businesses.

I have a small car, can I tow your tiny camper?

Most probably yes. The DROPLET teardrop trailer weighs only 950 lbs, and the weight goes even lower to 900 lbs with the aluminum chassis, an optional add-on. To give you an idea, this means that you can tow the trailer with Toyota Matrix, VW Golf, or Mini.

What add-ons do you offer?

The options for building a tiny camper that fits your needs are endless. You can check our shop to see all the available add ons. However, if you have any specific requests, please get in touch with us directly via the live chat or the contact form, and we can find a solution.

How many people can sleep in DROPLET?

DROPLET trailers are designed to sleep two adults – it comes with a queen size mattress. We have had families of three renting our campers that added a small tent to their campsite set up for a high comfort level.

What is the difference between DROPLET 58 and DROPLET XL?

The length is the main and most significant difference. The DROPLET XL also has more storage space in the kitchen. You can see all the technical specifications here.

Does the trailer have a toilet?

There is no bathroom in our teardrop; however, there is enough storage to pack a portable toilet and a privacy tent.

What is the capacity of the water tank?

The water jug placed under the sink has a capacity of 10 litres/2.64 gallons, and it can be easily detached from the water pump for quick filling.

What are the best features of DROPLET?

The DROPLET camper is designed for maximum comfort – there is no compromise when it comes to sleeping after a day full of outdoor activities. The spacious cabin and the queen-size mattress will get you to a whole new level of camping.

The weight of our trailer is a huge factor because it allows it to be towed by almost all small cars, and you will also be able to move it manually.

The kitchen is equipped with a portable stove and fridge, allowing taking these appliances with you to the beach, camping table, or wherever you need them.

DROPLET has huge windows that will allow you to enjoy nature even from the comfort of the inside.

There are multiple chargers in the sleeping area and the kitchen, so you can keep your devices with you and be fully charged all the time.

Do you build tiny campers in different sizes?

We have just launched the brand new DROPLET XL – a longer version of our lightweight teardrop trailer. Check out the difference between the DROPLET XL and the DROPLET 58 here.

What is the most important thing to know?

Always make sure that the deadbolts on both sides of the camper are locked when driving. This will keep the door from opening while on the road and causing severe damage.


Can I rent the trailer before I purchase it?

Yes, not only you can rent the trailer anytime but we will also use the rental fees towards your purchase if you decide to order a DROPLET within twelve months from your trip.

Check out our Booking site to see the restrictions of this promotion.

What is the lead time from placing the order?

The lead time varies based on the current demand. We are working hard to keep the lead time between 3 and 4 months.

How does the order process work?

Once you decide to purchase the DROPLET lightweight trailer, the process starts with paying the deposit of $5,000. The next step is choosing your add-ons and pick up or delivery options. The deposit is used towards the total balance, which has to be paid by the pickup or shipping date.

At what stage do I get to pick my add-ons?

After the deposit or the reservation fee is paid, we will connect with you to discuss all the add-ons or modifications you would like to ensure that your trailer fits your specific needs.

What is the warranty?

The camper comes with a one-year warranty for rust and leak based on the production date.


Do you ship to the US?

Yes, we do. You will get the option to either pick the DROPLET up at our lot in Blaine, WA, or we can connect you with a shipping company that will get it delivered to your doorstep. We are committed to taking care of the brokerage fees related to crossing the US/Canada borders.

What is the shipping cost to my state?

The shipping cost varies depending on your location; please get in touch with us via live chat or contact form to get an estimate for your area.

How do I get the trailer across the borders?

We are committed to taking care of the brokerage fees related to crossing the US/Canada borders with purchasing a new trailer to keep the process as simple as possible for you.

Do I need to pay a sales tax?

The sales tax amount (if applicable) depends on your state’s laws. Please get in touch with your local authorities to get accurate information.


How much is the nightly rate?

The nightly rental rate varies depending on the location, specific trailer, and add-ons. The range is between $89 and $129 per night. 

We also offer extras like SUPs, bike racks, or a second battery. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through the live chat or the contact form to ask for the availability of the extras.

What are the renting locations?

We rent DROPLET trailers in Vancouver, BC, Seattle, WA, Las Vegas, NV, and Doylestown, PA. Victoria BC is opening in late 2021.

We have another confirmed location in London, ON, starting in the fall of 2021. Multiple other locations are in the process of negotiation. Stay tuned for all the updates, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on social media for the latest information.

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What do I need to tow the DROPLET trailer?

You will need three things ready to attach the trailer:

1-⅞” ball hitch

The hitch height needs to be set at 16” with a +-1” tolerance

Simple 4-pin flat connector

What is the pick-up/drop-off time?

The default pick-up time is 4 pm, and the drop-off time is set to 11 am. You can choose the early pick up (noon) and late drop off (3 pm) option for $20-$25.

Do you provide utensils and bedding?

We will provide you with all the necessary kitchen equipment and a bedsheet. However, we are currently not providing the beddings due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Am I allowed to take my pet with me?

Pets are not allowed in the trailer. The usual setup is people in the DROPLET, pets in the car.

Is there a discount for a long-term rental?

Yes, we do have a weekly rate and a monthly rate.


Can I rent my trailer out?

Absolutely. We encourage owners looking for extra income to rent their DROPLET out to support the sharing economy and spread the message about the elevated level of camping to other campers.

How do you support DROPLET owners?

We list their trailers on our Rental and Booking pages and promote the new rental locations on our social media and newsletter. 

We also offer a referral bonus to owners whose customers or friends and family order their own trailer with us. Please get in touch with us directly via live chat or the contact form to get all necessary information about the DROPLET Rental Program.

Am I allowed to list my trailer on other platforms?

Definitely, it is your trailer, so you can post it on any platform you want (Outdoorsy, RVEzy, Airbnb,…). You are also welcome to run any promotion you think of, and we will post it on our website and social media.

Are you able to store my trailer?

We can take care of your tiny camper and store it at our shop in Burnaby, BC. If you want to rent your trailer out but do not have time to take care of the cleaning, pick-ups, and drop-offs, we will do it for you. Please get in touch with us directly via live chat or the contact form to discuss details.

What is the average income?

We have numbers from the 2020 camping season in British Columbia; please get in touch with us directly through the live chat or the contact form to learn more about the average income, amount of trips, and trip length.

If you did not find the answer you were looking for, feel free to reach out to us with any questions via the live chat at the right bottom of this page or through the contact form.