150W Solar Panel (Optional)


A powerful solar panel and window protection at the same time.

This beautiful solar panel is specifically designed to fit in front of our main window. Strong and lightweight, you can remove it in seconds.

Take it in the sun and plug the SAE connector directly into the storage box socket. In full sun, the panel will recharge your battery at a max output of 150W. Our 500Wh power pack will be recharged in less than 5 hrs (Full sun).

Of course, the panel will also recharge your battery when you drive.

Few specs below:
Pmax 150W
Vmp 25.9V (max power point)
Imp 5.8A  (max power point)
Voc 31.8V (open circuit)
Isc 6.2A (short circuit)
Connector – SAE (Zamp polarity – positive shrouded)

This panel can also be fitted on other teardrop camping trailers. Connect with us to check fit.

This option includes our SOLAR READY PACKAGE

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