Sharing Is Caring

DROPLET truly believes in the sharing economy. It all started when DROPLET Founder Pascal Pillon questioned how many people owned a drill in his apartment building and how many times they were used. Pascal then wrote down a list of tools he owned and wanted to share them with his neighbors. This led him to question how much everything that is built in the world is used to its full potential? How much is just used at 10%?

People around the world are consuming more and more every year. The vast majority of our possessions are never fully utilized to their potential. They instead collect dust in storage, becoming obsolete and worthless. The things we own are supposed to be used, otherwise what is the point of owning them?

This realization is what drove Pascal to create a space where he could share his tools, expertise, and talent with other like-minded individuals and businesses. With DROPLET he currently shares space with Freestyle Spaces and PECO. “We do not just collaborate with any business, we only select tenants that share similar values, vision, and goals”, Pascal says. Selecting the right tenants in this case is about entrusting that shared space to parties that want to partake in the collaborative spirit. In turn, it could translate to healthy profits for the owner, provided proper tenant screening is carried out beforehand.

Shared Office Space

Freestyle Spaces designs and builds custom tiny homes for their clients across North America. They are part of the movement towards owning less and doing more. They believe these incredible tiny homes can be the solution to exorbitant housing costs in major cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York. Freestyle Spaces also help people own fewer possessions, as it is impossible to fit the same amount of things inside a 200 square foot tiny home versus a 1,500 square foot house.

Droplet & Tiny Home

Plastic Essence Collaborative (PECO), the goal is to create something positive from the plastics crisis the world currently faces. PECO collects, shreds, melts, and molds various plastics into reusable shapes. They can be crafted into artwork for both retail and commissioned projects. The two primary forms of plastic they use are HDPE and LDPE (high and low-density polyethylene). These plastics are non-toxic and have very limited fumes or aroma when melted (not burned). PECO will be collecting and collaboration with both local and residential vendors and reusing their old plastics for their artworks.

In addition to sharing our space with other similar businesses we also promote peer-to-peer rentals to our customers. We encourage them to rent out their DROPLET directly on our website or verified rental websites such as Airbnb, RVezy, Ruckify, Outdoorsy, and RVshare. We build campers to be used and not left in storage. That is the way things are supposed to be!

We are very excited to have two new rental listings on our website. Seattle and Saskatoon. Soon to come, Los Angeles! Karl and Rod, our two renters from Seattle and Saskatoon share our vision and are now renting out their DROPLET trailer on our website, with 90% of the proceeds going back to them. This makes DROPLET, not just a trailer, but also a side investment that can help reduce your overall cost of purchase and make an income while they are not occupying their DROPLET.

Droplet & Tiny Home

At DROPLET we really want to push the sharing economy and minimalism movement further. That is why we share our workplace, tools, expertise, and talent with other businesses that own our same philosophy. We want to set an example for other businesses and show them what is possible!

That is why we are offering $1,500 toward a DROPLET trailer for Freestyle Spaces customers. We want to promote other businesses, whose customers share similar values. Such as being considerate of the environment and wanting to spend more time in nature. This is what DROPLET is all about!


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