The Importance of Supporting Startups

We would like to thank every one of our early supporters. The constant support and encouragement have truly touched the DROPLET team! With the fast-approaching release of our first DROPLET teardrop camping trailers, we wanted to highlight the benefits of supporting startup companies. Our journey to this point began back in 2016 when the very first DROPLET trailer was being created. Today, we look forward to giving others the opportunity to have their very own DROPLET teardrop camping trailer. Entrepreneurship is not the easiest path to travel, but with all of the support the DROPLET team has received, we are excited to see the hard work pay off! If you are floating around the idea of being a startup company, you will need to make sure of your financials beforehand, as well as finding out what you need to know before getting a loan so you are ready to get going!

Startups, such as an IT firm or a product-based company, must consider several other factors before proceeding. For example, they must look for employees who are a good fit for the company, develop marketing strategies and look for a communication tool that can be used in the office to keep in touch with employees (for meetings, conferencing). In other words, the company would want a Phone System Provider who might be best suited for the industry and reasonably priced.

Startups not only require financial support but also need a morale boost to encourage new ideas.

One of the key reasons to support startup businesses is the importance of entrepreneurship and the strength it offers to local and regional economies. Companies like DROPLET, create new jobs and foster a sense of community. The DROPLET trailers that will be available in Canada and the United States are made in Langley, British Columbia. We are proud to employ and work with craftsmen in our local area to bring the vision of the DROPLET camping trailer to life! In Vancouver, we are very fortunate to have a vibrant entrepreneurial community with a strong support network. We have been very fortunate to work out of Simon Fraser University’s Venture Labs. In addition, we have had amazing support from other organizations and companies in British Columbia, like Vancity Bank! We believe that the success of a startup might inspire others to bring their idea to fruition. DROPLET was once just a dream too but was made a reality in the hope of following the steps of some pretty amazing companies that are working to create meaningful products for a more engaged world.

As you might have noticed, the entrepreneurial community in your city or town is likely growing. It is important to support new and upcoming ideas because economic growth always starts locally. Creating a business is incredibly hard work, but having the support of your community can make all the difference. Of course, businesses will also take care of customers in return. Many local businesses take customer experience seriously, so some might even ask their customers to answer one question. That answer will then give each customer a net promoter score, helping the business to see which customers are likely to give positive reviews of the company, and which customers weren’t satisfied. With that feedback, companies can make changes to their customer experience, encouraging customers to return to the business again. The positive impact of startup businesses on a local economy is powerful, and it is important for the community, government, local universities, and private individuals to support these efforts. Did you know that a successful startup company is more likely to stay in its home community and invest there? Meaning, the support you provide to startups increases the ability of that company to give back in a meaningful way. Ultimately, a world that fosters the birth of new ideas is a better world.