The CarGenerator is The Ultimate Way to Power Your Droplet Trailer

With the power of electricity, you can take your next trip in your Droplet Trailer to the next level. You can power a fridge to keep your food and drinks cool, charge devices, and so much more. But with so many ways to power your Droplet, which do you choose? One of the best options is a CarGenerator.

This handy little device uses your vehicle’s engine to generate power on demand. Let’s take a closer look at CarGenerator and all the ways you can use it in your Droplet teardrop trailer.

CarGenerator on a blue car with a Droplet Trailer in the background
Combining a CarGenerator with your Droplet Trailer is the ultimate way to power your camping trip!

Meet The CarGenerator

CarGenerator is an innovative product that uses your vehicle’s engine to produce power on demand. It’s the perfect portable power source for camping, emergencies, or anytime you need power on the go.

By simply connecting CarGenerator to your vehicle’s engine and turning it on, you’ll begin generating electricity for all your needs. CarGenerator goes anywhere your vehicle goes, making it a perfect, easy-to-use solution whether you need power for recreation or an emergency.

The CarGenerator is lightweight and convenient, with the flagship 1000-watt model weighing only 11 pounds. This combined with CarGenerator’s compact size makes it easy to take with you anywhere you go. Plus, it doesn’t require the tiring maintenance of typical generators, such as emptying gas tanks and replacing spark plugs.

Plus, CarGenerator is also more eco-friendly than a traditional gas generator.

  • It runs for longer providing up to 80 hours of run time on a single tank of gas
  • If you have a gas or diesel engine vehicle, your vehicle’s emission controls ensure you create minimal pollution
  • If you have an electric vehicle, even better: CarGenerator works seamlessly with EVs, providing a truly zero-emissions power source. 

CarGenerator Models and Versions

3000 watt CarGenerator
This product has models rated from 1000 watts all the way up to 3000 watts

CarGenerator offers a variety of different options to help you meet your power needs. There are CarGenerator models ranging from 1000-watt continuous/2000-watt surge all the way up to 3000-watt continuous/6000-watt surge.

Whether you just want to charge a cell phone or need a truly powerful source of electricity, there’s a CarGenerator model for you.

The flagship CarGenerator features a weather-proof case that allows it to be used even in severe weather. Or, if you prefer, a “dry” version without the weather-proof case is available. There is also a “basic” version which includes parts to build your own CarGenerator. Do note, though, that all models at 1500 watts and above are only available with the weather-proof case.

CarGenerator Features and Add-Ons

CarGenerator home integration kit
With the available home integration kit, it’s easy to use your CarGenerator to provide emergency backup power to your home

In addition to great features like the weather-proof case and pure sine inverter, there are multiple safety features included in CarGenerator, including:

  • Computer-regulated overload protection with LED light and alarm
  • Short circuit protection
  • High-speed ventilation fan to ensure a safe running temperature
  • Integrated waterproof 12V voltmeter on the front of the unit to help ensure you stay within alternator capacity
  • Digital watt meter to measure current load

A number of add-ons and extras are available for your CarGenerator, such as:

  • Bluetooth 4.2 wireless module to make your CarGenerator smartphone capable
  • Rugged carrying case to protect it in transit, no matter the conditions
  • Home integration kit, to easily connect your CarGenerator to your home for easy emergency power
  • Quick connect kit to more easily connect the CarGenerator to a battery or engine
  • Furnace plug kit to power the furnace in a home or cottage (or travel trailer!)
  • Extended 3 and 5-year warranties (standard 1-year warranty included at no extra charge)

The CarGenerator’s range of models and add-ons means that whatever your vehicle and your needs, there’s a CarGenerator for you.

All The Ways You Can Use a CarGenerator In and Out of Your Droplet Trailer

Droplet at night with a fire in the foreground
With a CarGenerator and Droplet, you can do way more than just power the lights

The ease of use and versatility of CarGenerator means there are tons of different ways to use it both in and out of your Droplet. Let’s take a look at all the possibilities.

Charge Your Droplet’s Batteries

If you add a lithium battery pack to your Droplet, you’ll need some way to charge it. CarGenerator is the perfect solution for just that. Simply plug it in, connect your battery pack, and soon you’ll have power charged for whenever you need it.

Power and Charge Devices Directly

Don’t have a battery in your Droplet? You’re in luck! You can also power and charge devices directly off your CarGenerator. Simply plug your device into CarGenerator, and the included pure sine inverter will ensure your devices are safely receiving electricity.

Have a Cookout (With Cold Refreshments)

CarGenerator is also an awesome way to power your Droplet’s portable fridge and all your cooking appliances. Keep your food fresh, enjoy a five-star meal out in nature, and ensure all your favorite drinks stay frosty cold.

Enjoy an Outdoor Movie Night

There’s something to be said for enjoying a film under the stars. With CarGenerator, you can do just that! Just bring along a portable projector and CarGenerator will power it with no sweat. Even better, you can also power a popcorn machine to really get the most out of your outdoor movie night.

Provide a Source of Emergency Backup Power

Lightning in a thunderstorm
If your power gets knocked out by a storm, CarGenerator will be ready to provide you with emergency backup power

Even when you’re not camping, a CarGenerator is a great thing to have. If severe weather or another event leaves you without power, your CarGenerator is waiting and ready to provide emergency backup power for your home. Even better, thanks to the weather-proof case, even if it’s pouring rain outside, you’ll still be able to get power.

Get The Most Out of Your Droplet With a CarGenerator

With CarGenerator, getting power for your Droplet teardrop trailer is easy. Simply start your engine, and your attached CarGenerator will start providing power to all your electronics. With the combination of CarGenerator and Droplet, your next trip is sure to be a hit.