13″ Wheels – What You Need to Know

The bigger wheels option has become one of our most popular add-ons. Equipping the DROPLET trailer with the 13″ wheels compared to the regular 12″ ones not only allows the owners to explore remote campsites accessible by gravel roads only. but also increases the resale value of the trailer in case they plan on selling it eventually, through websites such as Grays. Even though this is an optional add-on, we recommend it to anyone located in mountain states and provinces with Colorado and Yukon being great examples.

Advantages of the 13″ wheels

Larger Diameter – The DROPLET trailer is very easy to drive. The 13″ tires option improves this already great towing. The wider the tires are, the better the handling and cornering grip you get. That’s why many trailer owners decide to invest in the 205 75r15 trailer tires as they’re pretty sturdy! The stability of the whole trailer is increased with the larger wheels which adds to more comfortable driving.

Wider range for adjustable ride height – The DROPLET tiny camper was designed both by and for people up to 6’5. Our goal is to build a compact pod that can be comfortably used by tall people. With the 13″ wheels, you get a wider range of height adjustment so the trailer can be set higher than with the classic 12″ wheels. This also allows us to give more clearance in the kitchen area so everyone can enjoy cooking their favorite camping meal without bending over.

Option for electric brakes – Even though our teardrop trailer does not need to have electric brakes because the weight is so low that it can be towed with most small cars, some companies request the installation for safety reasons. Especially small electric cars manufacturers follow this trend. The last thing you want to happen is to find yourself at the center of a car accident because you haven’t followed the relevant safety guidelines concerning your braking system. This is the reason why so many people make the decision to look into something like this farmers insurance review to ensure that they have insurance that can provide protection. As such, the 13″ wheels allow us to add the electric brakes to the trailer and ensure that your car is eligible to tow the DROPLET with peace of mind. It is worth mentioning that cars with a towing capacity of 1,200 lbs and higher do not require the brakes to be eligible for towing our teardrop. However, if your car does not have the said capacity for towing, you can rely on expert auto services (such as this Greensboro towing company, for instance) to move it to the nearest repair center.

Stronger fenders – We attach the fenders to the suspension with the default 12″ wheels. However, with the 13″ wheels the fenders are attached directly to the sidewall of the tiny camper so you get not only more protection but also stronger attachments.

Softer ride – The larger wheels at lower pressure will soften the ride. The drive will feel softer and more stable even on a gravel road during your camping trip.

The design – We realize that this point is very subjective but from our point of view, the 13″ wheels complement the look of the DROPLET trailer even better than the standard ones. The colour contrast between the white cabin and the black rims works well with the slick and modern design.

Feel free to reach out to us via the live chat or the contact form if you have any additional questions about the 13″ wheels or any other add-ons from the DROPLET Shop. Our mission is to build a trailer that will perfectly fit your specific camping and driving needs.

5 thoughts on “13″ Wheels – What You Need to Know”

  1. Does the 13″ wheel option allow for a higher tire speed rating? I would expect so, and I would think you should list it as a major additional advantage.

    • Hi Mark,

      The reason for not mentioning the speed rating in the article is that both 12″ and 13″ are rated to 70Mph.


  2. Why make it with the 12” given all the advantages of the 13”? Maybe make the 13” standard? Is there a disadvantage? I love your trailer!

    • Hi Fiona,

      Thank you for your question and the love for DROPLET. There is no clear disadvantage of the 13″ wheels except the pricing. Some of our trailer owners do not need the 13″ options since they drive mostly on highways so the basic 12″ wheels are perfect for them. Just like with the other add-ons, we want to offer the option but not forcing people to get something they might not necessarily need.


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