Fall Travels: Extend Your Camping Season with DROPLET

Fall has arrived and with it the welcomed return of campfire season, here in BC. We love fall camping: fewer people at the campsite, no suffocating heat, earlier sunset, and nature shedding her layers.
Sure, the water may not feel as warm to swim in, but overall, it’s great. It is a rejuvenating feeling than the one of hitting the road towards a new destination, get to set camp, and head into nature without many other tourists around.

Fall marks the heartwarming return of campfires in BC, after a very dry Summer.

While most seasonal campers think about retiring into their cozy homes, it feels as though our real camping season just starts. DROPLET truly shines in the fall. Not just the trailer itself, but its comfort too. Fall is the time where we can allow ourselves to relax a little after a crazy summer of construction and rental. So it is our time to enjoy and indulge a little.

Still heading camping while Nature sheds her layers. Beautiful colours, here in Vancouver BC.

The insulating ACP Panel & Wood lamination construction guarantees a warm and dry pod, keeping the ambient temperature cool all night long. We still tend to crack the roof vent open at night to get a bit of ventilation and avoid condensation. Thanks to the inside 150W power inverter and with a 500W portable power source such as the River from Ecoflow, a portable heater can also be added for those who always worry about keeping their feet warm, but we have never felt the need to use one yet thanks to the clever use of isothermal materials in the pod construction.

Our campgrounds wouldn’t be as bright without LED lighting and power provided by EcoflowTech.

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