Roof Rack (Optional)


The Vortex Rhino-Rack is an excellent addition to your DROPLET. It perfectly transfers bikes, canoes, stand-up paddleboards, and storage boxes for your next big adventure or short camping trip! We chose Vortex Rhino-Rack to reduce drag and improve your overall fuel consumption. 

  • Bars come in black and silver colour options
  • All Vortex bars come with end caps
  • All Vortex Bars come with the VGS strip




* Our brackets are designed for a 250-lb max payload when stationary.

* Moving payload cannot exceed 150 lbs.

* Depending on your payload, you may want to upgrade to a 2,000-lb suspension.

* Be mindful of the overhang on your storage items, as longer items might not allow you to open the kitchen door.

* Ratings are reduced by a factor of 1.5 for off-road use to compensate for higher forces acting on unsealed roads.

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