10 Things to Do to Enjoy Your Droplet Trailer

The Droplet is a versatile little teardrop trailer – and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Incredible camping trips, travelling the country, and so much more are all possible with a Droplet in tow. 

Looking for inspiration on what to do with your teardrop trailer? We’re here to help. Let’s take a look at just a few of the many ways you can enjoy your Droplet trailer. 

Droplet trailer with internal lights on in a dark field
Night or day, there are so many ways to enjoy your Droplet teardrop

1. Go on an Amazing Hike

Your Droplet goes anywhere you go, and it’s the perfect home base for a great hiking trip. Tow it to your destination, set up camp, and now you have the perfect spot to come home and rest after a long day’s hike. 

To better get you to the start of your hike, even if you’re off the beaten path, consider adding upgraded 13” wheels to your Droplet. These will better handle rough surfaces like gravel roads, plus they’ll improve handling and give you a smoother ride. 

2. Do Some Boondocking

Droplet trailer with solar panel
Droplet trailers are perfect for getting away from it all

Want to truly get away from it all? Then why not take your Droplet boondocking?

To get the most out of your boondocking trip, you’re going to want to add our 150W solar panel (with solar-ready package included), as well as a battery pack. That way, you can have an eco-friendly power source for all your needs. Whether you’re just running lights or charging devices, or you want to power speakers or a portable projector, you’ll be able to get the job done. 

3. Have a Cookout


Droplet galley kitchen with the cover open
Droplet galley kitchen with the cover open.


Droplet is also perfect for having an amazing cookout. Thanks to the rear kitchen, you can prepare delicious meals, no matter where you go. Plus, there are plenty of upgrades available for your Droplet’s kitchen, including:

Besides the upgrades we offer, the Droplet also has sufficient storage space to bring a small grill. Or, if you have a solar panel and/or battery pack, you can power your own induction stove or other small portable cooktop. 

4. Catch Up on Your Reading


Your Droplet isn’t just a great home base for outdoor activities, it’s also a great place to spend some time relaxing inside and catching up on your reading. 

Lie back on the comfortable queen-size bed in the spacious cabin and pop open that paperback you’ve been meaning to finish. During the day, the huge half-dome front window provides plenty of light to ready by. At night, the 2 LED reading lamps included in your Droplet ensure you can keep reading as late as you like. 

5. Relax in the Shade

With our optional 60 sq ft Shady Boy awning, the exterior of your Droplet becomes an amazing place to hang out and relax in the shade. 

Simply extend the awning, set up some camp chairs, and then sit back and relax! Want some cold ones to complete the scene? With the optional portable fridge for your Droplet, you can have cold drinks at hand whenever you need them. 

6. Do Some Kayaking, Paddleboarding, or Cycling

Transport your SUPs and kayaks with the Rhino-Rack for the DROPLET tiny camper
Transport your SUPs and kayaks with the Rhino-Rack for the DROPLET tiny camper

Do you love to go kayaking, paddleboarding, cycling, or anything else that requires you to bring gear along? Wondering how you can bring your gear along with your teardrop trailer? Great news: with a Vortex Rhino-Rack for your Droplet, it’s easy to bring all your gear with you wherever you go. 

This awesome roof rack can hold up to 150 lbs when in motion and is designed to reduce drag and improve fuel economy. That way, you can bring everything you need for an awesome afternoon on the water or biking the trails. 

7. Get Some Rest

A woman reading inside the Droplet teardrop trailer.
Enjoy your camping trips to the maximum with our tiny campers


You can’t spend all your time adventuring, and eventually, it’s going to be time to lay down your head and rest. Thankfully, the Droplet is the perfect spot to do just that!

Our cozy queen-size mattress gives you plenty of space for a great nap. Plus, thanks to the excellent airflow and insulation of the Droplet, you can stay comfortable in any weather. 

If that’s not enough, you can also add a solar fan to your Droplet for better ventilation. Or, to really cool things down, add the AC-ready venting system to your Droplet and combine it with an air conditioner like the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2.

Want to nap during the day, but can’t stand the light? With optional clip-on window curtains, you can keep things dark, and improve ventilation simultaneously. 

8. Take a Road Trip

A white truck tows DROPLET teardrop trailer
Get lost in the woods with the DROPLET lightweight tiny camper


Droplet trailers are the perfect choice for a road trip, whether you’re going cross-country or just a few cities over. 

It’s aerodynamic design and light weight means it’s more fuel efficient than other types of RVs, plus it’s easy to tow with a wide range of vehicles. With an optional aluminum chassis, the Droplet gets even lighter, dropping down to only 900 pounds. That’s light enough for even most sedans to tow!

9. Tailgate

The Droplet is also perfect for tailgating, thanks to its handy rear kitchen. Simply pop open the hatch, pull everything out, and you’re ready to start cooking up burgers and hot dogs for all your friends. Plus, you can keep drinks cold all game long with a portable fridge for your Droplet. 

Want to put the game on? With a battery pack, you can power a projector or small screen so you don’t miss any of the action. 

10. Go On a Fishing or Hunting Trip

Love to go hunting or fishing? Your Droplet teardrop trailer is the perfect home base for your next trip. Plus, with an exterior storage box and optional roof rack, you’ll have no trouble finding space for your gear. 

Simply set up your campsite, then head out for a day of hunting or fishing. Once you’ve got your catch or kill, the Droplet kitchen is the perfect place to cook it up. Plus, the kitchen has plenty of space to clean and prepare most fish and smaller game like quail or rabbit. 

With a Droplet Teardrop Trailer, the Possibilities are Endless

Cooking a delicious meal with friends and family, relaxing under your awning, or doing some fishing. These are just a few examples of the many things you can do with a Droplet trailer. Whatever you decide to do with your Droplet, you’re sure to make memories that last a lifetime.