Tiny Camper With Functional Design

Designed with Multipurpose Functionality

Camping with Droplet Accessories Functionality
Camping with Droplet Accessories

The DROPLET trailer and its accessories were designed to provide you with multipurpose functionality for everyday use. When you are not using your teardrop trailer you can still use all of its accessories for other camping or leisure activities. A picnic in the park, a romantic sunset on the beach with always cool drinks is what DROPLET offers you. No need to stick around your camper all the time.

You can also enjoy the convenience of the camper trailer kitchen and the freedom of appliance portability.

Pascal, our head designer, says “Not only can you use your equipment in different settings, but you also reduce your own impact on the environment by not having to purchase 2 multiple fridges for similar purposes”.

Our design team incorporates portable equipment instead of built-in appliances, so they can be used in different settings. Those equipment are:

Camping Stove

 Camping Stove
Portable Camping Stove

DROPLET chose the PRIMUS stove for its rugged design. This portable camping stove provides an amazing cooking experience for your teardrop camping trailer. You can easily remove it from your camper and move it to a nearby picnic table or take it with you to the beach. It’s even safe to use indoors which is a rarity!

The PRIMUS stove is made from solid materials and its robust design will ensure years of reliable service. This stove is lighter, smaller, and more compact than most two-burner stoves used for camping or glamping.


  • Weight: 8.1 lbs
  • Dimensions: 18.7″ x 11.6″ 3.1″
  • Output: 2 x 7,000 BTU/h
  • Powered by one 16.4-oz. propane cylinder (not included)
  • Manual Ignition
  • The stove fits tight in our drawer.

High-efficiency camping Fridge

High efficiency camping fridge
Portable High-Efficiency Camping Fridge

DROPLET selected the Dometic CF 18 single zone powered cooler for its teardrop trailers as it is ideal for small spaces and trips to the park, beach, or around town. It’s the perfect size for individuals or couples with a quick-chill function. This means there is no need to pre-cool supplies before departure, just simply pack up your fridge and go!

This fridge plugs right into the 12/24V outlet in our kitchen and it also fits right in the central drawer of the trailer. It is also a real compressor fridge, not a thermo-cooler. It only draws 30W when cooling. It then switches to sleep mode to save battery.


  • 23 Can/18l Capacity, freeze to 0, single-zone cooling compartment
  • Dimensions: 16.3″ H x 18.4″ W x 11.9″ D
  • Refrigerate or freeze down to 0 F. * No need to buy ice again!
  • Low-power consumption using DC allows you to go far distances without worrying about a dead battery.
  • Impact-resistant polymer construction with fully insulated and removable lid for enhanced performance.
  • 60% more storage capacity in the same exterior space, compared to similar capacity ice chests.
  • Dynamic Battery Protection System automatically shuts the product off to prevent a dead starter battery and improves battery performance.

Portable lithium power pack

Portable Lithium Battery
Portable Lithium Battery

Droplet trailers top add-on is a portable lithium battery to power the cabin and kitchen LED lights, fridge, and inverter. It is a lifesaver during power outages with its 300W built-in inverter and multiple outlets.

This power pack is extremely versatile. It can be recharged at home (110V), in your car (12V), or with a solar panel (120W max). This battery packs enough power for your DROPLET camper to get you through a whole weekend! Our batteries are better in many ways than m Goal zero YETI, with more power and a lower price.


  • The total capacity of 500Wh
  • 12V DC output @ 10A.
  • 110V AC output @30A
  • Dimensions: 11.7″ x 7.6″ x 7.7″ and only 13.6lbs.
  • 12V Plugs: cigarette lighter, USB, USB-C, wireless charging

Solar Panel

Solar Panel
Removable Solar Panel

The solar panel is designed to fit in front of our main window of the camper pod and can be removed in seconds. You can use your solar panel when camping without your teardrop camper to power your electronics such as your laptop or cooler.

The powerful solar panels function as both a source of power and as a source of protection for our lightweight trailer’s window.


  • Pmax 150W
  • Vmp 25.9V (max power point)
  • Imp 5.8A (max power point)
  • Voc 31.8V (open circuit)
  • Isc 6.2A (short circuit)
  • Connector – SAE (Zamp polarity – positive shrouded)

Water Tanks

Removable water tank.
Removable water tank.

Our water tanks also are portable. You don’t need to carry a hose with you. Just fill up at any tap. There is a large opening to fill up with water. It connects to your hand pump via a quick connect similar to camel packs.

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