Sustainable Eco-Friendly Travel

With gas prices soaring, DROPLET Trailer provides an eco-friendly, sustainable way to travel without breaking the bank. Your daily commute to work cost has increased noticeably so towing a trailer at times like this may have people putting their plans on hold. Although we can’t do anything about gas prices, we can look at options … Read more

10 Things to Do to Enjoy Your Droplet Trailer

The Droplet is a versatile little teardrop trailer – and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Incredible camping trips, traveling the country, and so much more are all possible with a Droplet in tow.  Looking for inspiration on what to do with your teardrop trailer? We’re here to help. Let’s take a look … Read more

Big News: We Now Have a Free Campsite for All Droplet Owners!

If you’re a Droplet owner, you already know that there’s no better way to camp. But sometimes, finding a campsite you love can be a challenge. With high demand and sites filling fast, not to mention the cost to reserve, it makes you wish there was a better way to find a spot to camp. … Read more

Get the Best Lithium RV Battery For Your Droplet: The Bluetti EB70S

If you want to get the most out of your Droplet, you’re going to need a trailer battery. Without it, you won’t be able to power things like lights or your Droplet’s fridge. But which lithium RV battery should you get? Look no further than the Bluetti EB70S portable power station. This awesome battery has … Read more

How To Winterize Your DROPLET Trailer

Winter will inevitably be here and it will be time to store your DROPLET teardrop trailer for the season. With a DROPLET trailer, the process couldn’t be more straightforward. Here’s how to winterize your DROPLET trailer. We all dread the last camping trip of the season but like it or not, winter will come and … Read more

Should You Go Glamping? Yes! Here are 7 Reasons Why

Have you ever heard of glamping? DROPLET provides comfort and style while still enjoying being in the heart of nature, AKA, the perfect glamping setup! For inexperienced campers, this is the best way to ease into it and enjoy time outside while still having the convenience of a comfortable bed and a fully functioning kitchen. … Read more

7 Reasons to Buy the New DROPLET XL Teardrop Travel Trailer

You already know that DROPLET trailers are designed and built to be the most reliable, ergonomic teardrop camper – perfect for the weekend warrior or adventurer. But did you know they just launched their new lightweight teardrop trailer, the DROPLET XL? DROPLET Introduces New Lightweight Teardrop Trailer This new (and improved) teardrop travel trailer has … Read more

The Best Camping Spots in Nevada & Pennsylvania

Nevada The loop trip from Las Vegas to Zion National Park, both rims of Grand Canyon and a native tribe reservation in Arizona is a must when you plan an adventure in this area. One of the most spectacular and interesting places on Earth to see should not be missed. You will find multiple amazing … Read more

Fall Travels: Extend Your Camping Season with DROPLET

Fall has arrived and with it the welcomed return of campfire season, here in BC. We love fall camping: fewer people at the campsite, no suffocating heat, earlier sunset, and nature shedding her layers. Sure, the water may not feel as warm to swim in, but overall, it’s great. It is a rejuvenating feeling than … Read more

Summer Adventures: Bringing your DROPLET to the Water

Politics and economy aside, the hottest topic of Summer 2018 after the launch of DROPLET Trailers and the Kardashian’s latest bikini selfies remains the general alarming rise of temperatures. The West Coast of North America has hundreds of live wildfires spreading across California and BC, Mexico is under flooding rains, Scandinavia has hit record-breaking temperatures … Read more